30 Innovative Ideas Designers Used To Make A Product Awesome

Published 2 years ago

Although there are many bad designs out there, sometimes designers use their imagination and creative skills to create awesome products. And today, we are sharing some pictures of those cleverly designed products.

From a vertical chessboard to benches looking like books, you’ll find all sorts of cool and creative designs in the gallery below that might inspire you to create something new. And if you want to see more pictures of incredible designs, check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 The Local Blood Bank Has These Signs To Show How Much Blood They Have

Image source: awritemate

#2 Elvish – Elvin Silverware

Image source: Studio Bitonti

#3 This Lamp Post Holds Up An Umbrella For A Spot On The Bench

Image source: cupofdirt86

#4 A Vertical Chessboard

Image source: Penguinkeith

#5 An Amputee Doll

Image source: PlayaNayame

#6 This Crack In The Pavement Filled With A Stained Glass Cat Portrait

Image source: sanelib

#7 LEGO Set Included This Figure/Wheelchair And Incorporates A Wheelchair Access Ramp Into The Build

Image source: Ildrim

#8 I’m Lovin’ It

Image source: DeltaMVperru

#9 This Airplane Was Designed To Look Like A Whale

Image source: djazzie

#10 Local Kmart Has A Doll With Down’s Syndrome

Image source: Moves_like_Norris

#11 Sometimes A Rainy Day Ain’t That Bad

Image source: cookie_flip

#12 IV Bag Plant Watering Thing I Saw At My Dr’s Office

Image source: Hyperi0us

#13 The Room Number For Mammogram Testing

Image source: roosking

#14 A Very Literal Half Pint

Image source: clusterlove

#15 This Pen At The Doctor’s Office

Image source: B001eanChame1e0n

#16 When I Bought My House, The Title Company Gave Me A Digital Copy Of All My Documents On A Thumb Drive Shaped Like A House Key

Image source: MatabiTheMagnificent

#17 My Thai Food Came With A Chork

Image source: finchdog

#18 The Benches At My Local Library Are Books

Image source: ronky35

#19 This Lidl Lithuania Grocery Bag Promoting Paper Bags Over Plastic Ones

Image source: ArchaeologicalTop

#20 Pencil Bollards Outside A School In London

Image source: psgenius

#21 Thought This Was A Very Clever Way To Make A Caution Sign. It’s Still Highly Visible And Does It’s Job But With Some Fun

Image source: RGZoro

#22 This Doorknoob At My Butcher’s

Image source: 0nissay

#23 The Porsche 944 Hot Wheel Designer Had Cancer, The Stethoscope Was Added By Ryu To Pay Tribute To His Cancer Doctor, Who Drove A 944. Rest In Peace Ryu Asada

Image source: stancehunters

#24 The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Image source: joannaleonar

#25 This Hourglass-Shaped Traffic Light

Image source: –Abby–

#26 This Toaster’s Cord Has Finger Pull

Image source: VEDAHtheDJ

#27 I Found A Pen And The Pen Cap Is Shaped Like A Cat

Image source: BurnsMyWaffles

#28 This LEGO Set Has A Loose Change In The Couch

Image source: burstaneurysm

#29 The Banisters At My Hotel Were Held Up By Little Metal Men

Image source: reddit.com

#30 The Sinks Inside The Le Creuset Headquarters Are Dutch Ovens

Image source: BabyDaddy9000

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