Vogue UK Gives Tribute To People With Disabilities By Featuring Them On Their Cover Page

Published 1 year ago

Popular fashion magazines like Vogue were earlier quite exclusive about the models for their cover pages. However, there is a new wave of trends these days which is accepting more and more minorities.

Recently, we featured the 106-year-old Filipino woman who got a well-deserved place on the cover page of Vogue Philippines magazine. In a similar dynamic, Vogue UK has decided to honor several creators, dancers, sportsmen, and activists with disabilities on the cover of the May 2023 edition. “Reframing Fashion” is a fresh initiative that allows more representativeness and paves the way for healthy inclusivity. Check out some of the images in the gallery below.

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Image source: Vogue UK


Image source: Vogue UK


Image source: Vogue UK


Image source: Vogue UK


Image source: Vogue UK

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