40 Dogs Caught Red-Pawed After Destroying Something

Published 7 months ago

Dogs are considered man’s best friend because of their natural penchant for people-pleasing. But even though dogs love to learn to make their humans happy they occasionally tend to engage in destructive behaviours too. After all, nobody can be perfect all the time and even dogs have their days. 

The only thing dog owners can do is take it on the chin and appreciate these mischievous moments. So scroll down for a humorous collection of photos where the creators of this havoc have been caught red-handed but their owners thankfully have turned a kind eye towards these furry felons and their ridiculous shenanigans. 

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#1 We Completed A New Puzzle, But Our Puppy Managed To Snag A Piece And Destroy It, So We Had To Improvise

Image source: boyinawell

#2 Sorry Class, My Dog Ate Everyone’s Homework

Image source: paulathekoala95

#3 Roscoe Took Christmas Decoration Duty Into His Own Hands (Paws) Last Night

Image source: franklegsTV

#4 I Didn’t Get The Job I Wanted, So My Dog Ate My Rejection Letter

Image source: Serious-Classroom139

#5 My Dogs Decided To Eat A Pen Today

Image source: afk1984

#6 My Puppy Ate My Passport

Image source: reddit.com

#7 Alright, Let’s Play Another Round Of “Spot The Culprit”

Image source: jelder5591

#8 My Dog Broke My Blinds Just So She Can Do This

Image source: YourWarDaddy

#9 Dog Dragged The Sprinkler Inside

Image source: Radiowarsaw

#10 And They Say Money Can’t Buy Happiness. Look At That Smile

Image source: JacobLevenson

#11 Went Downstairs For Five Minutes

Image source: Grammajean33

#12 I Left A Platter Of Cookies On The Stove And My Dog Decided If He Couldn’t Have The Cookies, No One Could. He jumped up on the stove trying to get the cookies and ignited 2 of the burners.

Image source: Physical_Month_548

#13 A Little Reminder To You All To Be Careful Because Sometimes Couch Cushions Explode Completely On Their Own For No Reason

Image source: rogueandreckless

#14 I Was Outside Taking The Trash Out For 3 Minutes Tops. Bard Was Apparently Busy While I Was Out

Image source: thinkscotty

#15 My Dog Got The Zoomies. He Likes To Run To His Bed And Back. He Went A Little Too Hard This Time. Dog Is Fine, But The Wall Is Not

Image source: stitchmaster1127

#16 Doug’s Valentine’s Day Gift For My Wife

Image source: ttam281

#17 My Cousin Said Brownie Is A Well-Behaved Dog. I Came Home To This, And I Can’t Stop Laughing

Image source: DogsTrippingOnAcid

#18 When You’re In The Middle Of Your Crime Scene, Pretend You’re A Victim. I Think It’s Hilarious, Although I Wouldn’t Want To Be The One Who Had To Clean It Up

Image source: AlexandraLSmit2

#19 I’m At Work Right Now, And I Decided To Check Up On My Puppy On My New Home Security Camera. All I Can Do Is Watch

Image source: SomeChickkkk

#20 Forget The Excuse Of Your Dog Eating Your Homework. My Dog Ate My PhD

Image source: KLJones_Science

#21 My Dog Ate All Of My Games Yesterday While I Was Gone. Including My Copy Of Doom Signed By The Entire Development Team

Image source: freddytylerpaul

#22 My Housemate’s Dog Got Into My 6-Hour Butter Chicken. No Dinner For Me Tonight

Image source: DopeCalyps0

#23 My Houseplants Exploded While I Was At Work Today. Dog Says She Didn’t See What Happened, But She Put A Blanket On It Just To Be Safe

Image source: NikKnack1313

#24 My In-Law’s Dog Got To My Favorite Pair Of Shoes. Quite a Christmas dinner for the pup! She seems happy with herself for now, and I’m not going to hold it against her.

Image source: snafumistress

#25 Tell Me How My Dog Chewed Everything She Could Find In My Room But The Only Thing She Didn’t Chew Was Her Obedience School Certificate

Image source: WaiteLindsay

#26 Dad, I’m Not Really Sure How To Say This But… I Screwed Up. I’m Sorry

Image source: ssBROhan2

#27 My Friend’s Dog Thought The Foot On My Prosthesis Was A Chew Toy

Image source: stalnoypirat

#28 When You Spend The Night At A Friend’s House And They Don’t Give You A Blanket

Image source: cenabollywood

#29 My Brother Did Something Very Brave Today And Saved His Hoomans From Exploding Couches

Image source: howaboutsomecake

#30 Heard My Dogs Were Getting Rowdy In The Other Room And Didn’t Think Much Of It. This Was Their Dog Bed

Image source: cynical_310

#31 My Boyfriend Wanted To Take A Picture Of That Glass Of Wine, Then My Dog Showed Up In My Window And Did This

Image source: bruno_sensei

#32 Our 10-Month-Old Puppy Found The Packet Of Toilet Paper On The Table While We Were At The Supermarket. We don’t have the courage to fight because it was our fault and also because he’s really cute.

Image source: Objective_Reward_893

#33 Well, That Didn’t Work. I would definitely be asking for a refund on this!

Image source: DanGarBruce

#34 It’s Going To Be A Rough 24 Hours For Both Of Us

Image source: grumpheartjenny

#35 Mother’s Friend Came Home To See Her Dog Had Some Fun With The New Camper

Image source: RumbleDumblee

#36 Dog Decided To Bust Through My Bedroom Door Like The Kool-Aid Man While I Was At Work

Image source: AtticusVoid

#37 Just Walking Through A Door

Image source: AlecWaycaster

#38 Just Baked This Cake And Ate One Piece, Came Back And The Dog Licked The Icing Off As Far As She Could Reach

Image source: gwarfunkle

#39 Have You Ever Wondered If A Large Plant Pot Can Fit Through A Dog Flap?

Image source: Apollokaylpto

#40 Our Dogs, Who Rarely Misbehave, Decided To Eat $500 Worth Of Books While We Were At Work Today

Image source: SuloBruh

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