30 Dogs That Became Almost Unrecognizable After Their Visit To The Groomers

Published 3 years ago

Just like us humans, our dogs need to get a trim every once in a while. And just like us, sometimes they can end up looking absolutely ridiculous. Or better yet – simply unrecognizable, to the point where the owners start asking if it’s really the same dog they brought in.

People online are sharing pictures of their dogs that became almost unrecognizable after a visit to the groomers, and it’s pretty surprising to see how a simple trim can completely change the breed of a dog. Check out a collection of pooches after the groomers in the gallery below!

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#1 That’s A Different Dog

Image source: ThatMumboJumbo

#2 My Sweet Girl Cheech Is 15 Years Old. After Her Haircuts, Everyone Always Thinks She’s A Puppy

Image source: darthliki

#3 From Shaggy To Happy. Total Transformation

Image source: Alymp22

#4 This Is The Same Dog. My Friend Adopted Her After She Just Showed Up On Her Porch. I Groomed Her And Made Her Brand New Babe Feeling So Fresh And Clean

Image source: lizabethlovescc

She had to have all her teeth removed, she had a giant sore on her leg and under her tail and she was a giant matted mess.

#5 My Dog Got A Haircut, And Now It Looks Like He Gave Up Drinking

Image source: FlaskandStein

#6 New Haircut, Same Smile

Image source: MasterZPD

#7 We Rescued A Maltese From A Puppy Mill In Georgia That Got Busted With Over 700 Dogs This Weekend. After 3 Hours Of Cutting Matted Hair And Bathing, Here Is Luna’s Before And After

Image source: stufoonoob

#8 My Puppy Otis Got His First Haircut. I’m Not Sure They Gave Me Back The Same Dog

Image source: alanblah

#9 It’s 32°C Degrees (90°F) Outside, So My Dog, One-Eyed Snuggles, Needed A Groomer

Image source: Kushaja

#10 My Friend Had To Triple Check With The Groomer To Make Sure He Was Bringing Home The Right Dog

Image source: pethcir

#11 My Boy, Before And After Going To The Groomer. Went From Dirty Biker To Innocent Preacher’s Kid

Image source: Dusty_237

#12 Took Doggo To A Groomer. Got A Different Doggo Back

Image source: Pacman327

#13 Our 9-Year-Old Goldendoodle Got Her First Grooming Since Quarantine. Our Other Dog Barked At Her When She Came Home

Image source: reddit.com

#14 He Looked Like The Squirrel From Ice Age

Image source: lorrainezba

#15 Fired My Groomer Today

Image source: curlyshea

#16 Life Lesson Learned. Be Very Specific When Explaining How You Want Your Dog Be Groomed. Dropped Off A Shihtzu, Picked Up A Llama

Image source: karlest98

#17 Oliver, Our 8-Month-Old English Sheepdog (Bobtail) Shed His Puppy Coat At The Groomers. I Didn’t Recognize Him At First

Image source: BootStiefel

#18 Raggamuffin To Stud Muffin. Quite The Transformation At The Groomer Today

Image source: anne737

#19 My Good Boy Got His Summer Haircut

Image source: proveiwashere

#20 What A Difference A Haircut Makes. Latest Fosters 13-Year-Old Vileda And 10-Year-Old Swiffer

Image source: FamousAmosAB

#21 My Dog Before And After A Haircut

Image source: TheKugel

#22 I Think The Groomer Gave Me Back The Wrong Dog

Image source: Elafacwen

#23 What A Difference A Haircut Can Make

Image source: tonylamentola

#24 My Pupper After I Adopted Him, And After I Had Him Groomed

Image source: Marilius

#25 First-Ever Big Boy Haircut

Image source: kittycatb92

#26 She’s Adorable

Image source: ZerlinaMaxwell

#27 From Puppy To Dog In One Haircut

Image source: wedgered2

#28 Pretty Sure We Picked Up The Wrong Dog At The Groomer’s

Image source: andreatwm

#29 My Dog Courage Before And After Grooming

Image source: ceeceeiarra

#30 The Difference One Haircut Can Make

Image source: mr_feijke

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