Dogs: More Than Just Cuteness Overload

Published 7 years ago

Having a dog is more than just a tedious responsibility. Actually, you take a lot more than you give – the unconditional love, the free babysitting, the 24/7 security guard, psychological therapy and much more. Even though many consider pooches as an everyday responsibility, there numerous benefits of having a dog:

1. They’re super cute and cuddly

2. They are your free srhinks

3. They know when you’re ill

4. They’ll make you curious to know other people

5. They’ll make you fitter

6. They’ll make you more patient

7. They’ll make you happy and kick the stress out of your mind

8. They will risk their lives to protect you and your family

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1. Babysitters

You’ve got so much to do and so little time? Delegate a few tasks.

2. Therapy

They can help you reduce stress with just being there next to you.

3. They’re Funny

They can make you laugh even when you’re tired and frustrated by everything.

4. They Like Cuddling

They won’t turn a hug down. They adore cuddling.

5. They Like Posing

Pooches are very photogenic and make excellent models.

6. They’re Not Jealous

They have a lot of love to give, even to the newest family member they see for the first time.

7. They’ll Babysit

Dogs are very patient and protective with children. You can rest assured your little ankle biter is in good hands… paws.

8. They’re Adventurous

Dogs are often the ones to blame, when you have fun juts like that. They’d pull you anywhere or make you meet new people.

9. They Love Spending Time With You

They’d always want to spend time with you no matter if it’s the middle of the night or it’s snowing outside.

10. There’s Always Room For One More

Dogs are more likely to accept another pet unlike felines.


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