Domed Bookshelf Surrounds You With Books At Monterrey’s Conarte Library

Published 9 years ago

Modern day libraries try to be playful and innovative. Conarte library in Monterrey can now enjoy this domed bookshelf. Designed by the Anagrama studio, the shelf wraps around the viewers. Beneath the shelves there are bleachers for the readers to sit down with a book. One has to be careful of people who might try to put the book at unsafe angles, though!

Anagrama is situated in Monterrey and Mexico City. It was co-founded by Sebastian Padilla, Gustavo Muñoz, Mike Herrera and Roberto Treviño. They work with branding, architecture and software development. “The bookshelves attend more than just their basic function and were designed to simulate a dome that plays with the visual perspective,” the group commented on the shelf on their website. “The stands incorporate a color gradient finish that attributes depth. The illuminated half circle found in the back wall simulates the vanishing point of the structure, creating a perfect balance between color and perspective.”

More info: | facebook | twitter (h/t: designboom)

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