Oil Paintings That Will Make Your Eyes And Brain Hurt

Published 8 years ago

Queen of Double Eyes, that’s how Toronto-based artist Alex Garant introduces herself when she stands next to her mind-bending double vision oil paintings.

In them, Alex mixes traditional portrait painting style with a double-vision technique that reminds us of double exposure photography. The results are these surreal optical illusions that when looked at for a long period of time can even make you dizzy.

Asked by Juxtapoz how she became a full-time artist, Alex said: “I never considered it a full-time career until 3.5 years ago when I got really sick and realized life was short; I knew at that point I needed to focus on what makes me happy, and Art is everything I am passionate about.

She also had advice for artists who are just starting out: “I would say to take things seriously from the start, to commit to an idea and stick with it. It’s very easy to get inspired but the hardest part is to stop being lazy and do something with our own potential. eliminate fear and just chase your dreams.

More info: alex grant | facebook | instagram | twitter

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