This Giant Dragon Sculpture Made Of Palm Tree Leaves And Wood Gave A Local Resident A Good Scare

Published 5 years ago

The Shimadakara was an art festival held in the city of Uruma on the Okinawa island in Japan from the 1st to the 10th of November. Artists and designers from all over Japan came to the festival to showcase their art, displaying everything from food art to giant balloons of grannies. And one art piece nearly gave a local resident a heart attack.

Twitter user shiromadara was walking around the festival grounds when they saw something that made them scream – a huge dragon! Don’t worry – it wasn’t the missing Drogon from Game of Thrones. Turns out it was just a realistic dragon sculpture made from palm tree leaves and wood.

More info: Shimadakara | Twitter | Instagram | h/t

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This dragon sculpture recently made one festival-goer scream in fear

The sculpture, titled 龍宮城 (Ryū Miyagi), was created by Japanese artist Ayako.

According to the festival’s Facebook post, the dragon sculpture is located near an old private house overlooking the village. The sculpture is suspended in mid-air, creating the effect of movement as the wind blows.

Over 105k people liked and another 37k retweeted shiromadara’s Twitter post.

Looking at this thing up close, it’s easy to see why this huge dragon made the festival-goer scream!

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