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20 People Who Didn’t Understand The Hint Of Sarcasm Or Joke In A Post, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell if someone is joking or seriously pointing out a fact. However, it’s a bit embarrassing when the joke is obvious and it still goes over your head.

Turns out, there is a very popular subreddit named “r/woooosh” that is dedicated to finding and sharing such hilarious moments when people seemed to be completely clueless about a joke or sarcasm being made. Check out some of the hilarious examples of things going “whoooosh” over people’s heads.

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#1 No It’s Blue

Image source: Zacronize

#2 Mews, Mewsment Park

Image source: Sandesfinas

#3 These Subtitles Are Really Immersive

Image source: ThePbbLatias

#4 1918 Netflix

Image source: ConanOBrien

#5 You Can’t See Me

Image source: dbicvbcvbcvb

#6 This Man Speaks The Deutsch

Image source: RichardsonM24

#7 This Is Quite Offensive

Image source: basketbefore

#8 Wdym, Its A Picture Taken Back Then

Image source: Minestars_player69


#9 He Also Forgot About Canadian And Australian

Image source: More-Engineering-888

#10 16 Thousand Likes Is A Lot Of Wooshes

16 Thousand Likes Is A Lot Of Wooshes

Image source: FifunmiThaking

#11 Discord

Image source: Tanango

#12 Yeah, Why Is She On Them?

Image source: TheGalvanian

#13 By Flying Up Obviously???

Image source: DiavoloExplainsIt

#14 Congratulations, You Didn’t Get It

Image source: johndofghfghgf

#15 This Is Heartbreaking

Image source: CUtORTHA

#16 I Know A Fat Guy Who Likes To Grill!

Image source: International_Ad2893

#17 How Tf Does Sgel Stand For That

Image source: toasterlunch

#18 F In The Chat For The People In The Old Days

Image source: EvanBondz

#19 Core-Ean

Image source: ExoticChef2

#20 Clearly, You’re Not Smart As You Think You Are

Image source: wainpot437

#21 He Really Think He Did Something

Image source: Worickorell

#22 Apologies For Being On Instagram

Image source: JackelynDuarte

#23 I Can’t Believe Da Vinci Would Do Something Like That

Image source: UnderstandingFuture6

#24 Sorry It’s On Instagram

Image source: pTERtuTi

#25 It’s Just A Picture You Dumbass

Image source: trenchman_

#26 Nothing Starts With “N” And Ends With “G”

Image source: LunaBug235

#27 Nope He’s From Star Trek

Image source: lesterzeor1

#28 She Didn’t Understood

Image source: JubinJohn

#29 Hello, I’m Your

Image source: Elitetimeline7

#30 “This Is Also A Lie”

Image source: pthomsen-Tvhf4576

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