30 Dumbest Conversations On The Internet, As Shared By This Online Group

Published 2 years ago

We all do stupid things every now and then, but some people just decide to show off their dumbness on social media. Well, declaring your stupidity publically has some consequences. It might get screenshotted and shared in the online group “Stupid People on Facebook“.

Today, we have collected some of the most cringy and embarrassing social media posts featuring people who seem to lack some brain cells. If you ever regretted making a complete fool of yourself, this list might help you feel better. Enjoy!

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#1 Wrong Interpretation Of This Image Is Just The Top Of The Stupidity Iceberg

Image source: HorodenkaBall

#2 Everybody’s Thoughts?

Image source: beeb14

#3 Wtf Is This First Woman’s Logic???

Image source: Zanvure

#4 I Have No Words

Image source: Mysterious_Button270

#5 Facebook Never Ceases To Amaze

Image source: MicrowavedPlatypus

#6 Dumbest Indeed

Image source: Lucky_Inside

#7 Old

Image source: monsebrak

#8 This Is Why A Majority Of People Shouldn’t Vote

Image source: Queenskitz420

#9 Obese Is A Slur Now

Image source: OzzyTheChamp

#10 Next She’ll Tell Him It’s Not A Real Planet

Image source: Shenko-wolf

#11 This Isn’t Your Everyday Stupid!

Image source: Daisys87

#12 Bruh

Image source: hyltonthebassist

#13 Hmmmm

Image source: ats0up

#14 Mic Dropped

Image source: downwithfate

#15 Acktually

Image source: hellogoawaynow

#16 People Who Don’t Know What Notre Dame Is

Image source: Statsomatic

#17 Just Gonna Leave This Here

Image source: sam6054

#18 Somone Complained About The Format So Reuploaded Thanks For The Award On The Last Post

Image source: ZeeIsTheRealMe

#19 I Wonder What This Person Thinks The Word “Heterosexual” Means?

Image source: reddit.com

#20 Check Out This Gem

Image source: Ruby_OnTheBeach

#21 Opinions?

Image source: cardbord_spaceship

#22 Is A Male A Boy Or A Girl?

Image source: CMjunk87

#23 Natzi Insignia???

Image source: reddit.com

#24 I Can’t Believe I Found A Flat Earther On My News Feed

Image source: D-May

#25 Who’s Gonna Explain To Her How Chlamydia Works?

Image source: shibiwan

#26 *face Palm*

Image source: Memoww666

#27 But How????

Image source: geep4sale

#28 She (Red) Commented This On A Post About 2 Year Old Girl Currently Dying Of A Super Rare Cancer

Image source: MasterBiscuit8008

#29 United States Of Africa

Image source: gustix

#30 I’d Like To See Them Try

Image source: Emptyjames

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