Artist Spends 6 Months Planting 1.2 Acres To Recreate Van Gogh’s Painting ‘Olive Trees’

Published 9 years ago

The world is Stan Herd’s canvas. Recently, he transformed a field into Van Gogh’s 1889 Painting “Olive Trees” by cutting it into a meadow of long grass and wild flowers near Minneapolis’ St-Paul International Airport. Herd used rototilling to cut the frame and dug furrows to accentuate the shadows and details of the image. He planted oats, squash, gourd and melon in an effort to use local plants in the “painting”.

Steve Herd refers to his outdoor art pieces as “earthworks”. His first was a 160 acre portrait of Native American chief Satanta in 1981 and he’s done many pieces since. “Olive Trees” is a much humbler undertaking, taking up “only” 1,2 acres / 48 ares. “It’s an iteration of Van Gogh’s painting writ large in native plants and materials,” Herd said in an online interview. “The opportunity to engage with one of my favorite artists in the world was pretty unique for me.”

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Stan Herd Created This “Earthwork” Over Six Months In A Field Near Minneapolis



“It’s An Iteration Of Van Gogh’s Painting Writ Large In Native Plants And Materials”



“The Opportunity To Engage With One Of My Favorite Artists In The World Was Pretty Unique For Me”




Image source: Minneapolis Institute of Arts


Image source: Thompson Reuters

“A Few Of The Plants Were Eaten By Deer, And A Few Were Blown Over. But That’s The Dance Of Nature”

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