19 Gigantic Flower Sculptures Celebrate Van Gogh In World’s Largest Flower Parade

Published 9 years ago

Parade floats are magnificent enough already, but Dutch people top that with their Van Gogh inspired flower floats. Bloemencorso (flower parade) Zundert is the oldest in Europe, having taken place since 1936. The town of Zundert celebrates their status as dahlia exporters, and birthplace of Vincent Van Gogh, the famed artist. The giant floats, made from dahlia blooms, appear on the streets on the first Sunday of September.

“In Zundert, in the South of the Netherlands, we are crazy about our flower parade,” writes the festival homepage. “Our grannies and granddads started it in 1936 and we still can’t have enough of it. By the First Sunday of September the fever burns within us. Will the moving floats be finished in time? Are there enough dahlias?” Considering that the region is a global supplier of dahlia flowers with an area now covering 33 hectares, they surely have enough material!

More info: corsozundert.nl | facebook | twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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“In Zundert, in the South of the Netherlands, we are crazy about our flower parade”


Image source: Erwin Martens

“Our grannies and granddads started it in 1936 and we still can’t have enough of it”


Image source: Werner Pellis

The theme for this year is Van Gogh, since the artist was born in the town


Image source: Malou Evers

Thousands of dahlias are used to make each float


Image source: Erwin Martens

“By the First Sunday of September the fever burns within us”


Image source: Joyce van Belkom

“Will the moving floats be finished in time?”


Image source: Werner Pellis

“Are there enough dahlias?”


Image source: Bloemencorso Zundert

“And who is going to win this time?”


Image source: Bloemencorso Zundert


Image source: Malou Evers


Image source: Werner Pellis


Image source: Erwin Martens


Image source: Bloemencorso Zundert


Image source: Bloemencorso Zundert


Image source: Joyce van Belkom

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