Ecofarm: This Stylish Aquarium Uses Fish Waste To Grow Edible Herbs

Published 10 years ago

Alex and Nacho, two friends in Rotterdam, have come up with a mini ecofarm in a little fish aquarium. Based on the aquaponic principle, the fish in the tank below can help you cultivate the herb garden above by feeding it with their waste.

This miniature aquaponic ecofarm kit, which they are trying to fund with a Kickstarter campaign, consists of a grow bed, hydro stones, fish tank, a water start set, eco seeds, and a low energy pump. All you need is to get fish that would produce excrement to fertilize the plants growing above them. The compact plastic fish tank is big enough to grow several kinds of herbs and is also suitable for growing mini tomatoes, peppers, or other small fruited plants.

The little garden works as a natural filter for the water, so filtration won’t be a problem either. This makes maintaining this tiny ecosystem as easy as possible – all you need to do is remember to feed the fish!

More info: Kickstarter (h/t: laughingsquid)

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