32 Epic Vacation Fails

Published 9 months ago

Going on holiday is exciting because it feels like anything can happen. You’re in another country, you’re living your best life so you decide to do something different, adventurous and obviously capture it for ‘the memories’. But sometimes, the reality can be far different to the expectation.

The gallery below consists of candid shots of people who went on holiday but ended up in a vacation fail. While some are hilarious others might be considered somewhat devastating. But indeed, good humour counts for half the fun so if most of these pics are any indication, the epic memories from these vacations are anything but a fail. 

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#1 When Your Rental Car Breaks Down And They Send Out A Tow Truck, But The Tow Truck Breaks Down And Needs Its Own Tow Truck

Image source: malinda_ferko

#2 She Just Wanted A Cute Picture But Got This Instead

Image source: Bennyheartssports

#3 My Friend Was Trying To Take A New Profile Picture In Front Of A Waterfall

Image source: racertant

#4 I Hiked 3000 Feet Of Elevation To A High Alpine Lake Only For A Mountain Goat To Eat My Fly Rod

Image source: Im_The_One

#5 I Visited The Torii Gate In Hiroshima, Japan. What I Was Expecting vs. What I Saw

Image source: a_typical_guy-14

#6 On A Family Holiday To Scotland, We Spent Two Hours Walking To A Famous Cave, Expecting It To Go Underground And Everything. This Is The Cave

Image source: ArmitageShanks3767

#7 I Went Hiking Over The Weekend To Blow Off Steam From The Finals Week And Got An Allergic Reaction From Something. Guess Who Has A Presentation Today?

Image source: Strupnick

#8 I Hiked A Mountain In Hot Weather. A Monkey Stole My Water At The Top Then Proceeded To Drink It In Front Of Me

Image source: cakes_123

#9 Someone’s About To Have A Fun Vacation

Image source: KerbolExplorer

#10 The Soles Of My Shoes Fell Off In The Middle Of The Forest While I Was Hiking

Image source: Aliendude51

#11 My Friend Tried To Take An Underwater Photo Of His Wife During Their Honeymoon

Image source: fishhead36

#12 I Reserved An Airbnb With A Sea View. I Can’t Complain

Image source: weully

#13 My Friend’s Vacation In China

Image source: cheongeh

#14 I Just Got Back From Iceland. I Was Going Through My Pictures And Found The Best Photobomb Of All Time

Image source: thirdtimesacharm_

#15 She Was So Excited About The Romantic Amsterdam Canal Tour That She Couldn’t Sleep The Night Before

Image source: dat-random-word-here

#16 Long Kayaking Trip And Belly Rolls Makes The Most Inconsistent Sunburns Ever

Image source: BustersHotHamWater

#17 My Parents Went On Vacation And Asked This Gentleman To Take Their Picture, But He Was Holding The Camera Backwards

Image source: audiwark

#18 I Went To See The Famous Neuschwanstein Castle, And This Was Our View

Image source: LoveWineNotTheLabel

#19 I Went To The Top Of The Eiffel Tower For The View

Image source: welcometoross

#20 Best Vacation Ever

Image source: Gemini421

#21 I’ve Traveled Abroad And Brought My Drone To Record It. I Hiked To The Top Of This Hill And Realise That I Forgot The Batteries At Home

Image source: lucasmcazelli

#22 We Wanted To Take A Picture Under Water, But Dory Photobombed Us

Image source: pepsi_next

#23 I Always Pack Digestive Aids For The Holidays. 4 Days Ago, I Had Diarrhea And Remembered I Had Medication. It Turns Out I Brought Laxatives

Image source: RedBanana99

#24 I Traveled All This Way To See This Popular Place, Only To Be Disappointed

Image source: artifexlife

#25 On The First Night Of Vacation, We Pulled Out The Sofa-Bed For The Kids But Heard A Loud Crunching Sound. Son’s iPhone Fell And Got Caught In Hinges Of The Bed Frame

Image source: flippity_dippity_doo

#26 Perfect Way To Start The Honeymoon

Image source: BootyFista

#27 My First Trip To Houston. I Was Very Impressed At How Quickly The Locals Performed Pit Stops. Must Be A Lot Of Nascar Fans

Image source: TheOnlyToast

#28 100-Year-Old Family Cabin Burned To The Ground On The First Day Of Vacation

Image source: Bumper216

#29 We Got Photobombed By A Spider Monkey On Vacation In The Dominican Republic

Image source: viperhauler

#30 Wife And I Took A Trip To Los Angeles

Image source: JoeWinchester99

#31 The View From My Hike Yesterday

Image source: heavenstarcraft

#32 During Our Honeymoon In Greece, My Husband Had An Accident With A Scooter Going 10 Mph. He Broke His Wrist In Two Places, Dislocates His Shoulder And Got A Concussion

Image source: fireball_cooper

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