35 Random Pics From Europe That Show Us Some Unique Aspects Of The Supercontinent

Published 4 weeks ago

The allure of exploration knows no bounds, whether you’re navigating the streets of a single city or traversing entire continents. In a world brimming with endless wonders, the internet serves as our gateway to instant discovery. Today, our spotlight falls on Europe, a continent rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. Thanks to platforms like the ‘Europe’ subreddit, we can delve into fascinating facts and picturesque locales with just a few clicks. 

From hidden gems tucked away in ancient cities to breathtaking landscapes stretching across vast territories, the collective wisdom of online communities offers a glimpse into the diverse tapestry of Europe. So, let’s embark on a virtual journey, guided by the insights and experiences shared by fellow explorers, as we uncover the marvels that await in this captivating continent.

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#1 This Dog You See Helped Find People In The Earthquake Area In Turkey

Image source: DeadiusCrowN

TheAmericanAmerican: Bestest boy! ❤️

#2 Strasbourg Cathedral Last Week

Image source: Leodagan_

Alessa Gillespie: I’ve visited Strasbourg twice and the Cathedral never ceases to amaze me. It’s massive!

#3 The European Bison Population Is Recovering. Recently Scientist In Poland Observed Biggest Heard Ever Containing 170 Bisons Including 40 Calves

Image source: dobik

Becky Samuel: “Bison” not “bisons” and “herd” not “heard” .

#4 Roman Mosaic Discovered In The Croatian Town Of Hvar

Image source: reddit.com

#5 Norwegians Certainly Know How To Sell Themselves

Image source: Soccmel_1

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!  Interesting take on PR.

#6 Anatolian Plate Moved 3-3,5 Meters After The Earthquake

Image source: KebabG

Jayjay: Wow, why is it so awesome and awful at the same time?

#7 Vasco De Gama Bridge In Lisbon, Portugal. The Longest (Standing) Bridge In Europe

Image source: reddit.com

#8 Early Morning Foggy Gdańsk, Poland

Image source: reddit.com

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Romantic, gothic, and haunting, all in one picture.

#9 Reconstructed 8th Century Viking Hall In Lejre, Denmark

Image source: Drahy

#10 Old Town In Kraków, Poland

Image source: reddit.com

#11 Hiking In Switzerland [oc]

Image source: loulan

#12 Pula, Croatia

Image source: iross78

#13 The Crimean Bridge

Image source: TheRealMykola

#14 Sea And Football. Trogir, Croatia

Image source: Toma357

STress (I/me) (edited): Fun fact – Trogir is one of very rare (if not the only!) places in the world to be situated on the coast and TWO islands at the same time.

#15 Utrecht, Netherlands

Image source: PR0CR45T184T0R

sbj: I live near Utrecht and to see sights like this there you have to get up very early before the City is teeming with hordes of people

#16 Before And After In Łódź, Poland

Image source: Toruviel_

TheAmericanAmerican: Beautiful! Look how they transformed the street on the right into a more pedestrian friendly place! THIS is how we make cities better and more HUMAN centered and NOT car centered!

#17 Lone Deer Running Across The Green Fields Of Moravia, Czech Republic

Image source: reddit.com

Ben Solomon: It’s running away from the green tsunami rapidly approaching

#18 A Fully Stocked Supermarket In Kherson. Despite It Being A Ukrainian Frontline City

Image source: RealMykola

#19 A Seaside Toilet In The Bay Of Kotor

Image source: Dzules

Johnnee: A bidet included

#20 Bobi From Portugal, The Oldest Dog In History, Turned 31

Image source: lukalux3

Groundcontroltomajortom: He looks very happy to see us!

#21 View Of Italy From The International Space Station

Image source: lovinnow

Groundcontroltomajortom: The boot!

#22 Town Of Kiruna, Sweden

Image source: PR0CR45T184T0R

James D: I love how people will live in a such a beautiful place, then forma death metal band and enter Eurovision

#23 Roman Mosaic Discovered Near To The Shard, London

Image source: reddit.com

TheAmericanAmerican: 🤩😍 I love this! London is SOOOOOO freaking old! 😆

#24 Detail Of The Hercules Armour Of The Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II

Image source: Vucea

#25 Heavy Snowfall In Athens, Greece

Image source: PeasKhichra

#26 Finnish Family Coach (Lastenvaunu) In Inter-City Trains

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Troll Hunting Season In Denmark

Image source: Drahy

#28 Ruptured Fault Line Can Be Seen In Turkey

Image source: KebabG

#29 Italian Alps

Image source: reddit.com

Gillian: I want to be there right now!

#30 I Just Changed A Lightbulb That Was So Old It Was „made In Czechoslovakia“. It Has Been In Use Every Day Since 1990…

Image source: Sarastro2000

TheAmericanAmerican: And people say Planned Obsolescence is a myth 😠 People, we have the technology and engineering prowess to make almost ANY product built to last DECADES but unfortunately that’s not PROFITABLE for the corporations/rich/billionaires. Therefore we(THEY) simply don’t do it. Capitalism is our global economic system and the pursuit of maximizing profits by ANY means necessary will ALWAYS come first. An economic system that thrives on an unlimited growth model on a planet of finite resources is GUARANTEED to fail!

#31 Kharkiv Pride In Kharkiv Metro. A City, Bombed Almost Every Day

Image source: asiasbutterfly

Gillian: Courage under fire.

#32 In West Belfast, Northern Ireland

Image source: PjeterPannos

#33 A New Flagpole At The Nato Headquarters Installed

Image source: jatawis

Pamela24: Welcome, Finland and Sweden!!! Great to have you!

#34 Lithuanian Guy Rowed Across The Atlantic Ocean From Spain To Florida In 120 Days!

Image source: mikewhocheeitch

#35 University Lunch In France ! (1.2€)

Image source: Isoklm

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