20 Americans Gave Their Honest Answers When Asked: “What’s Something Europeans Aren’t Ready To Hear?”

Published 1 year ago

An American visiting Europe for the first time is bound to notice the many differences between the two cultures. From the language to the food to the public facilities, it can be a bit of a culture shock. 

A Redditor got curious about the things people from the US noticed about Europe that Europeans themselves may not be ready to hear. From smoking habits to displays of racism, the list goes on and we’ve shared a few of the more thought-provoking sentiments shared by Americans below.

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#1 The way people drive in Italy makes me understand why they’re so religious.

Image source: DividesbyZ3RO, Lachlan Gowen

#2 You’re gonna need air conditioners in your homes pretty soon.

Image source: Ambitious-Kiwi-1079, Chromatograph

#3 The boring chit chat y’all hate is actually pretty great. Just because someone says hi doesn’t mean they want something from you.

Image source: WhodeyBrr, Zen Chung

#4 Your population is getting older on average and there aren’t enough young people to keep your economies as large. There will be a long period where the quality of life will be stagnant at best.

Image source: sephirothFFVII, Pixabay


When I lived in Germany:

German Girl: “I’ve read that Mexicans in Los Angeles experience a lot of racism.”

Me: “Yes, Mexican people in Los Angeles do experience racism. Probably similar to the Turks here in Germany.”

German Girl: “That’s different. The Turks aren’t suitable here. They don’t fit in.”

Image source: Bisterwhip

#6 Europe is more racist than the US in many ways, but it’s not politicized like it is in the USA.

Image source: quietlittlefreak, Life Matters

I have black American friends who have been told they can’t eat inside certain restaurants in Europe which would never happen in the US today. Not to mention the way the Roma/g*psies are discussed by Europeans. I was shocked to hear such casual racism there. Often while criticizing the racism in the USA.


Image source: somedoofyouwontlike, David Everett Strickler mktgmantra

There is genuine isolationist vibe happening in the US which only being held at bay by people who feel we should still stay engaged with the world and of course our military industrial complex. Anti European sentiment is seeping into both sides of the political spectrum and even the center.

The question “why should we get involved in yet another European war?” Is being asked a lot right now.

If the US goes isolationist and leaves the EU to deal with the RU China alliance on their own you won’t just have some retirement age issues to worry about.

#8 You have a drinking problem. It’s not a thing to brag about.

Image source: m1sch13v0us, Kelsey Knighs

The level of alcoholism in some areas of Europe is troubling. I’m amazed at how often people miss work as a result. The levels of colorectal cancer are also twice the rest of the world in countries with the highest consumption.

#9 Quit smoking

Image source: UnderstandingAshamed, Abdulhamid Ozturk

#10 Tanning to that extent looks horrible stop doing that to yourselves (mainly for the UK)

Image source: nightly11111, Karolina Grabowska

#11 We don’t actually think about you as much you (apparently) think about us.

Image source: TaiKorczak, Raúl Nájera

#12 We are actually pretty smart as a nation. The stupid ones are just the loudest and the most annoying

Image source: sielnt_assassin, Edmond Dantès


A very large mixed race country that has guns written into its constitution is a lot harder to govern that any country in Europe. A lot.

Image source: SmellmyfingerTodd

#14 Stop trading insults with us by saying “school shootings” and then dropping the mic. Many of us are also horrified by the gun violence in this country, but using dead children to win an argument about who has better food does you no credit.

Image source: Devi1_May_Cry, Zachary Keimig


#15 When people say “Americans are ______” I feel like they don’t realize how huge America is. We span 6 timezones which makes it hard to be consistent in anything and it’s really impossible to lump us ALL into a single group.

Image source: cassato, Pixabay

#16 Public toilets being free should be a standard

Image source: JeremyMo88, Yena Kwon

#17 British people mock us for using Imperial measurements and then still order pints at the pub and use “stones” as a measurement of weight.

Image source: Isthisworking2000, Josh Olalde

#18 Americans have big portion sizes in restaurants because we have a big leftovers culture.

Image source: ctortan, Matthew Moloney

While some people will eat their whole meal, it’s completely normal if you don’t and you’ll be offered a to-go box to take it home. There isn’t really a big expectation to finish your meal at restaurants.

#19 Racism isn’t just an American thing.

Image source: hwy61trvlr, Clay Banks

#20 Y’all are getting fat too.

Image source: rendragmuab, Towfiqu barbhuiya

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