20 Things That Are Casual In Europe But Not In America, As Pointed Out In This Online Thread

Published 1 year ago

Anyone who visits a new country or continent tends to get quite a few culture shocks there. After all, every other country has its own quirks and flavors that outsiders might not understand at once. And when it comes to places like America and Europe, things are really different and sometimes difficult to understand.

When someone on Reddit recently asked “Americans, what do Europeans do that you find really weird?”, many Americans listed some of the things that they found the most bizarre in Europe. Scroll below to see some answers,

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Image source: bluehunger, Pixabay

“In Paris, I was offered a seat on the metro when there was none every single time.( I’m a senior). Very seldom happens here.”


Image source: No-Strawberry-5541, Kaique Rocha

“How most cities are walkable. You need a car everywhere in USA, no matter what.”


Image source: tanis1110, Mike Mozart

“You guys have hamburger-flavored Cheetos in your “American Food” isle

Homie, we don’t even have those.”


Image source: Human_Ad_1761, Darya Sannikova

“I lived in Europe for two years. One thing that stands out is people were much more fashion-conscious. I view clothes as a fabric that I am mandated to wear so that I am not arrested.”


Image source: ceyeye3219, Lara Jameson

“Not weird, but I’m always pretty impressed by their grasp of languages. Here’s Ivan straight outta the mean streets of Moscow who speaks better English than I do and he also speaks Portuguese and Mandarin.”


Image source: Ok_friendship2119, Askar Abayev

“A lot of European cultures eat dinner so late at night. I can’t image eating my dinner at 8 or 9 at night.”


Image source: ActPsychological8189, Lucas Pezeta

“Went across the pond for a deployment. Two things I noticed that were peculiar:

1. The amount of smoking. Europeans seem to smoke a lot more than Americans, and, unlike us, at face-value there don’t seem to be discrepancies based on class or anything; *everyone* smokes.

2. The fascination with track suits. A lot of the guys loved track suits. Hell, I was surrounded by such track-suit exposure I wound up getting one myself (I love it)!

No judgement and nothing but love, y’all.”


Image source: Crafty-Second-530, Mateusz Dach

“The amount of time y’all have to vacation.”


Image source: flackois, Pixabay

“I worked at a spa and people all around the world would come

the europeans were so comfortable w getting naked like it’s nothing

mind u this is 5 stars…celebs and ms universe models come to this spa, and europeans will walk naked like nothing

EDIT- personally I don’t care about nudity BUT I can understand others not wanting to see ur junk…so it’s not a sexual problem thing for me, I just don’t wanna see it

EDIT 2- for the slow ones who keep saying “don’t look”…I **worked** there and there was averagely 50+ naked men at attendant in the locker room…every corner you go they’re there.”


Image source: CourtOk3082, Monserrat Soldú

“Keep eggs on the counter. I know they’re okay to eat, but it’s just so weird to me.”


Image source: tisfortranny, tpenguin

“Accepting hot summers with no air conditioning? Do y’all like to suffer?

Edit: I am addressing southern Europe.”


Image source: boundtoearth19, Pixabay

“I’m going to Europe on my honeymoon, and it’s been crazy to me how other countries just have open borders. I’m taking the ICE from Germany to France and there’s no border checks? It’s really fascinating to me.”


Image source: Separate-Sorbet-9565, Gary Barnes

“When you ask them “How are you doing?”. They think it’s a personal question instead of an american greeting.”


Image source: upnflames, IamNotPerfect

“You know, it kind of blows my mind that Europe has free education and free healthcare, but you can’t get a drink of water or take a p**s without paying.”


Image source: falconsomething, cottonbro studio

“No ice in the water.”


Image source: Alternative-Donut334, ELEVATE

“B***h about Americans being loud and obnoxious when French people exist.”


Image source: AyyRayRay18, Kaboompics .com

“I took German in high school and learned about their culture and just brushed it off but then I actually got to go!

First, having to specify I wanted tap water or non-sparkling water. I just ended up buying bottled water because it was easier.

Second, almost everyone would shut down for lunch. Even businesses besides restaurants or delis.”


Image source: letzt_stil, janneth.

“Propensity for public nudity.”


Image source: SGTRhoads16, freestocks.org

“I lived in Germany 3 years, I loved everything about it, except one thing; personal space doesn’t exist in lines. I’d be standing in line at a store and the next person behind me is breathing down my neck.

Step back man.”


Image source: Leeser, Sung Jin Cho

“Make people pay to use public toilets.”

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