Woman Inherits Her Grandparents’ Passports From The 1900s And Shares Them With The World

Published 4 years ago

Many of us only know our great-grandparents from stories and the occasional surviving photo. One woman, however, got to know her great-grandparents a little closer.

A short while ago, Ohio woman Maggie Orr Hicks was passed down the passports of her great-grandparents. The passports date all the way back to the 1900s and are full of little pieces of history.

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Maggie Orr Hicks was recently passed down the passports of her great-grandparents from the 1900s

The passports were passed down to Maggie by her mother, who has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, as a keepsake. The woman then posted photos of the passports to a Facebook group called Girls Love Travel asking for help translating them. And people did! See the vintage passports and the translations in the gallery below.

Not only was the woman able to find out where and when her great-grandparents were born, she also found out a lot about their travels and was excited to share all of that information with her mother.

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