10+ Misleading Packaging Designs That Are Straight Up Evil

Published 6 years ago

One of the great rules of advertising states that the most powerful element of an ad is the truth. On the other hand, another one of those rules states that, actually, facts don’t matter, what really matters is what the consumer believes. Seems like the people that created the designs for the packaging below were following the second statement.

This list once again proves that advertisers use all sort of ways to cheat you, the customer, into buying what they’re offering. So, next time you think you’re getting a great value for the price, make sure to check the fine print, or you might end up as disappointed as the people below.


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#1 This Gummy Bear Cup

Image source: ethandrzb

#2 Typical Sale In Russia. Buy A Pack, Get A 2 Hot Dogs Free

Image source: ilushkin

#3 There Are Only 3 Veggie Sausage Rolls In This Pack

Image source: bortina-badboy

#4 What?

Image source: Letsgetsmitfaced

#5 “Gluten-Free”

Image source: TestZero

#6 Nice Big Jumbo Shrimps

Image source: TheSoulOfTheRose

#7 That’s Just Rude

Image source: ItsAlexBevan

#8 This Is Why I Have Trust Issues

Image source: hockeychick96

#9 This Deceiving Sandwich Packaging

Image source: Ahmad_nagy

#10 Prolong Deliciousness

Image source: Bjables


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