20 Times This Online Group Shared Egregious Examples Of Excessive Packaging

Published 3 years ago

Since plastic waste is produced every day, some companies prefer using biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging to help the environment. Sadly, there are still very few companies that choose this idea, and many of them still wrap their products in numerous layers of plastic, to the point where it’s absolutely ridiculous.

R/EgregiousPackaging subreddit is a place where people share pictures of the most ridiculously wasteful and unnecessary packaging they’ve come across, and it’s quite infuriating how thoughtless these companies are. Scroll below to see a collection of wasteful packaging that made people speak up about the ludicrous thing! And if you want to see more of this blood-boiling stuff, check them out in our previous post here.

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#1 Just Why?

Image source: wackodindon

#2 Not Only Is It Egregious, But It’s Infuriating

Image source: LosPenguiinos

#3 Ordered Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes From A Zero Waste Store – Came In 100% Non-Degradable Bubble Wrap And Plastic Bags

Image source: jazz_man

#4 I Bought A Nail File

Image source: mobydick1990

#5 Soda Cans Are Very Fragile

Image source: cheeseball359

#6 My Friend Ordered Earrings From Fabfitfun. Just Earrings

Image source: UCantHaveNEPudding

#7 Sephora At It Again For A .05oz Concealer

Image source: OldTownChode

#8 Hi Y’all, I’m A Designer At Tic-Tac. Hope You Enjoy Our Newest Optimized Design For Tic-Tacs!

Image source: pokefinder2

#9 [screw] Drinking Straws – This Is The Kind Of Plastic Use We Should Be Protesting

Image source: DrunkenStapler

#10 This 0.7 Ml Dogs’ Anti-Flea And Anti-Tick Drops Straight Out Of The Box

Image source: MajorPancernik

#11 Individually Wrapped Jellybeans

Image source: Kevin_Elevin

#12 Ordered 27 Books From Amazon On A Single Order. Got 27 Boxes With 1 Book Each Delivered

Image source: noosette

#13 Chocolate Air

Image source: Ima_Funt_Case

#14 Really Glad My Made From Recycled Materials & Biodegradable Sponges Came Wrapped Together And Individually In Plastic

Image source: l1ttle_m0nst3r

#15 Chipotle’s “Fruit Cup”

Image source: snackassassins

#16 Individually Wrapped Vegetables In A Vietnamese Supermarket

Image source: Spencerzone

#17 Ordered A Tube Of Thermal Paste

Image source: Buge_

#18 Because Mascara Is Fragile. Thanks Sephora!

Image source: shirumb

#19 Tiny Little Amount Of Eyeliner In A Huge Plastic Container

Image source: l1ttle_m0nst3r

#20 Individually Packaged Slice Of Bread

Image source: boci7

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