30 Fails And Accidents That Were Painfully Expensive

Published 2 years ago

Being a clumsy person, I know how overwhelming it feels when you break something accidentally. Even if the thing is small and invaluable, it gives you slight guilt and embarrassment for handling it poorly. And if the thing is expensive, the guilt is on another level, isn’t it?

The subreddit ‘That Looked Expensive’  shares photos of accidents and mistakes that probably turned out to be very costly. Check out some of their most interesting, weird, and hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Lemme Teach This Kid How To Draw!!

Image source: Professional_Cat_298

#2 The Costa Concordia Disaster

Image source: AnxiousIndicator

#3 Pipes Burst Underneath Basketball Court

Image source: superfleh

#4 Diamonds Are … Not Forever

Image source: NamasteVibes

#5 Remember To Always Tip Your Server

Image source: Azsnee09

#6 If You’re Going To F**k Up, Make Sure You F**k Up In Such A Way That It Leaves People Asking How You Did It

Image source: KeyAdministration900

#7 Yikes

Image source: B-L-O-C-K-S

#8 Absolutely Shattered

Image source: Dutten06

#9 When You Use The Wrong Cheat Code

Image source: B-L-O-C-K-S

#10 811 Call Before You Dig

Image source: ajessica

#11 Scaffolding Smashes Into Elizabeth Towerjust Days After £80 Million Makeover Was Revealed

Image source: FumingOstrich35

#12 Belgium (1990)

Image source: WeavySt0nder

#13 Grape Juice Overflowing. Looks Like A Volcano

Image source: Rredite

#14 My Bad, Boss

Image source: bennetticles

#15 How The Hell Does Something Like This Happen

Image source: B-L-O-C-K-S

#16 Delivery Robot Tries To Walk Across Undried Cement

Image source: MrWhite86

#17 Wind Turbine Fell Over

Image source: Ziu_Waz

#18 You Left Your Hazard Lights On!

Image source: sausagetunnel

#19 How Not To Handle A Multi-Million Dollar Satellite

Image source: WoozyDragon4018

#20 Flipped Tesla Carrier

Image source: KaianSoKewl

#21 This Picture Of A Flooded Bitcoin Mining Farm

Image source: nejkiu1

#22 Macau Grand Prix Crash

Image source: iltifaat_yousuf

#23 Brazilian Ship In Ecuador

Image source: GoLeftThenLeftAgain

#24 There Was A Small Fire At My Apartment Building Last Night

Image source: thegoldenladle

#25 The 2013 Saltsjöbaden (Sweden) Train Crash. A Cleaning Lady Accidentally Starts A Negligently Parked Train, It Eventually Derails And Crashes Into A House

Image source: Max_1995

#26 One Of The Reasons They Close The Ramp At An Airport During A Storm

Image source: e140driver

#27 That Looked Stupid

Image source: danafarmansyah12

#28 Snowbirds Are Back In Florida

Image source: BJ77345

#29 F**k You Tesla

Image source: coldsummers13

#30 Mv Rena Aground Off The Coast Of Tauranga, New Zealand, October 2011

Image source: vredcom

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