People Name What One Thing That Was Ruined By Popularity (20 Answers)

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At the end of December 2021, only 6014 people were recorded as having climbed to the summit of Mount Everest. Isn’t it a crying tragedy then, that with so little human interference this once pristine location is now ruined by ugly litter and the common tell-tale signs of man’s almost parasitic invasive presence.

There’s a whole host of experiences out there in the world that we want to enjoy, so many places to visit and sights to see. Amazing and rare moments that we wish to drink in and savor but are forever ruined by the incessant hordes of humans that carelessly and thoughtlessly parade through life, with little respect or regard as to the impact of their own individual footprint on the world.

So, when reddit user, WarBeast86, posed the question “What was ruined because too many people did it?” the insightful responses evoked empathy within us and we hope it does the same to you too as it’s definitely time to make ourselves aware of the problem so we can move towards fixing it.

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#1 The summit of Mt. Everest is like a trash heap now.

Image source: well_uh_yeah, Göran Höglund (Kartläsarn)

#2 Burning Man. The old guard of the old hippies of yore are long gone. It’s over run by hedge fund college kids and raver frat kids.

Image source: g6paulson, Steve Jurvetson

#3 Driving to work early. I used to do it, but now it’s the same as morning Rush hour.

Image source: andreACOURTeny, Derek Lee

#4 A once-pristine mountain lake that was peaceful and excellent for fishing and swimming was ruined by development.

As I’ve previously commented, the pine trees surrounding the lake have been cut down and houses built everywhere.

Discharge from motorboats and runoff from development have polluted the once-pure water. The fish are gone and the air stinks of pollution instead of being lightly scented by surrounding pine trees.

Image source: Back2Bach

#5 Basically anything outdoorsy. Hiking trails, National Parks, fishing spots, etc.

Image source: JustAnotherMiqote, Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

It’s fun when you’re the only person on the trail, the lake, or at the camp site. It’s not so fun when you’re hiking and someone is blasting their music on their Bluetooth speaker, when the lake is packed and people decide to fish 10 feet away from you and are obnoxiously loud, or you go to a National Park and there is graffiti and trash everywhere, random people’s names carved into the largest and oldest trees on Earth, and mobs of tourists taking selfies in the middle of the trail.

People don’t know how to respect nature. People don’t appreciate silence. People don’t know how to “leave no trace” or appreciate the natural beauty in the world around them.

#6 Airbnb.

Image source: CG1991, Open Grid Scheduler

Mend35 replied:

Used to love Airbnb years ago. Now, it’s pricier than a lot of decent hotels, and some of the house rules are nutty.

#7  Living in Iceland got f****d up due to Iceland becoming a popular tourist destination.

Image source: KristinnEs, Cassie Boca

Prices are way up, housing has skyrocketed (lots of reasons, big one being air bnb) and our nature monuments are slowly being eroded by dumbass tourists. I’m a native, but I can barely afford to live here anymore ?

#8 Moving out to “the country”.

Image source: Guvnuh_T_Boggs, Louise Tollisen

Traffic used to be that one light that didn’t cycle right, now there’s backups every day because they failed to upgrade the infrastructure. Urbanites spazzing out because they heard a gunshot from the farm down the street, calling the police because they saw a coyote and “someone needs to do something about it!” All of them putting 10,000 watts worth of lighting all around their house, completely washing out the night sky. Can’t forget their bored f**k trophies breaking into garages and trespassing and street racing on dark narrow country roads because there’s nothing else to do here. Oh and there’s been a couple murders now, before all this the last time we had one was in like the 60s.

#9 Subscription everything…especially software. I want to buy Office/AutoCAD one time and use it for a decade. I don’t want to buy it every year.

Image source: TroubledWaterBridge, Ed Hardie

#10 Thrift shopping.

Image source: charlesdexterward, Nilay Sozbir

charlesdexterward replied:

Yup. 15 years ago the prices were soooo cheap and you could always find a gem. Now they’re always crowded and everything is overpriced and you might find something good once every 2-3 visits if you’re lucky

#11 Cooking shows. It used to be a few talented chefs who had shows to teach. Now it’s every damn celebrity who can or cannot cook making the same recipes as everyone else.

Image source: CannaKitchen757, SHVETS production

#12 Craft fairs. Now they’re crowded with dozens of MLMs. I just want to find knitted slippers made by an old lady who clearly has a drinking problem, not more Norwex.

Image source: LadyKnightmare, Tom Hilton

#13 Festivals. I use to enjoy going to some local festivals. Now they’re just overcrowded and expensive.

Image source: TryingToNotBeInDebt, Fred von Lohmann

#14  When I was young we had this tradition before our cities yearly festival started.

We would each get a rubber boat (anything that floated really) and just drift in a nearby lake while drinking beer. The drift took around an hour or so. Then we would go to the festival.

Started out with maybe 20-30 of us for a couple of years. Then some douche bag “popular” guy took note of it. Had to turn it into some massive event with musicians playing and calling for the media to come there etc. Just turned a chill event with friends to something where you couldn’t hear your own thoughts because there were so many people there. They even had to close it down after a while because some of the visitors littered too much. Left their boats and s**t in the river etc.

Same thing happened in a university town not that far from us. Some students started a “festival” where we played a more relaxed form of baseball. Sign up as a team, play a tournament, first price was like a bottle of vodka or some s**t like that. Completely free of charge. We slept in tents and drank, super chill and fun thing.

In comes the capitalist mind. Turns the whole thing into some commercialized shitshow where its now the world championship tournament of that casual baseball. Huge entry fees, beer tents, artists.

Like f**k man. What’s wrong with setting up a tent, drinking a couple of beers, playing baseball drunk and just having a good time? Noooooooo we need to capitalize on this.

Made both of those things boring as hell.

Image source: FullbordadOG

#15 Declaring their pets as service animals when they are not., thus making it extremely difficult for actual service animals to get their certification, or permission to be around to provide their service

Image source: AssociateMany102, Brian Wangenheim

#16 Having a dog.

They’re wonderful companions, and many working dogs do great jobs at their tasks, but there are SO MANY people who have dogs and can’t be bothered to do even very basic training. And SO MANY people who are inconsiderate pricks with their dogs in public spaces — letting their unleashed dog charge others, start fights, bark uncontrollably, jump on people, s**t on the trails and not picking up after themselves.

Image source: cowgirltrainwreck

#17 Tipping culture in America.

Image source: notreallyatryhard, Marco Verch Professional Photographer

I can justify a standard 18-20% for good service in bars/restaurants. Why the actual f**k am I being asked to tip 20-30%+ for carry out to eat at home or when I buy retail goods?

#18 College almost guaranteeing a good job and career. It is not the ticket it used to be. Over, over, over saturated.

Image source: mjk1260, Dom Fou

#19 Streaming services. I miss the days of one single service: Netflix. Now every studio has its own service and holds their stuff away from services like Netflix and Hulu. Direct consequence: too many subscriptions! At this point it’s more economical to buy stuff you want to watch

Image source: Foreign-West-6669, charlesdeluvio

#20 Visiting major historical sites…

Image source: LadyKnightmare, JoseluBilbo.

Most of them have been turned into badly maintained, super expensive tourist traps.

Add in the trash and damages tourists do, and yikes.

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