20 Trends People Could Potentially Be Pretending To Like Just To Fit In

Published 2 years ago

We live in a world where the term ‘trending’ is in itself Trending. In fact, following trends has become all the rage and a culture unto itself sometimes to the point where it makes one wonder whether folks really believe in these trends themselves or whether they are just being influenced to follow along in what we call ‘herd mentality’.

A reddit user decided to ask the question, “what are you convinced people are pretending to enjoy”? After all, different folks, different strokes, right? The answers vary of course and feel pretty relatable. Check them out below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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Image source: Rare_Suspect_5033, Andrea Piacquadio

Having a job


Image source: brandhappydrink, Becky Stern

Kombucha. Every, single one I’ve tried. Just undrinkable!


Image source: Blackpanther-x, Lapplaender

Surströmming. There is absolutely no way people in Sweden actually enjoy this can of puke.

Edit: As people are telling stories about their experiences with Surströmming I want to tell one of my own.

Once upon a time in Sweden, a mild summer in august, my family decided to host a dinner at our house for our friends. We had a lot of food of different kinds on the table and our friends brought some food with them as well. The weather was with us so we decided to eat on the porch outside. As we were getting ready to eat we decided it was time to open the cans…oh god! What occurred after have been stuck in my head for ages.

First came the smell, some of us almost puked, others kept their stoic faces on. But the craziest ones of us took a deep breath and said: “delicious”.

Shortly after, the invasion started. Hundreds upon hundreds of flies. There was chaos, crying, despair and my father screaming: “we have to get away from here.” We all grabbed what we could take and ran inside. Watched trough the windows as a cloud of flies descended upon the rest.

*heavy sigh*! aah yes, Sweden!


Image source: Syrup_Slurper, Canva Studio

Having constant drama at work, in friend groups, and elsewhere really can’t be all that exciting… can it? If I have one friend causing me too much drama I usually avoid it like it’s the plague.


Image source: mushroomyakuza, Souvik Banerjee



Image source: Potential-Drive8623, Clear ICEbOX

The Kardashians.


Reality TV. How is watching garbage people complain about their lives entertainment?

Image source: lazy_phoenix


Image source: occamhanlon, Luis Quintero

Baby showers/reveal parties


Image source: Daflehrer1, Ketut Subiyanto

Long-a*s, boring videos of their friends’ kids.


Image source: TonyEisner, cottonbro studio

Going to a children’s performance, especially if their own kids aren’t currently on stage



Image source: auximines_minotaur, ELEVATE

Bars and restaurants with loud music and terrible acoustics. What’s the point in being social in a place where they’re trying to make it hard for you to socialize?


Image source: plague681, slappytheseal

Those big spider-leg eyelashes they pay for and put on.


3 hour long church services. Jesus gave the sermon on the mound in like 5 minutes. Get over your ego pastor!

Image source: Elegant_Development3


Image source: jango547, Mark Angelo Sampan

Clubbing. It’s loud, there’s 50 people all up in your space constantly, the music sucks half the time, the alcohol is watered down, there’s so many drunk people that have to be either carried out or they puke all over the sidewalk outside, everything is overpriced. Literally nothing about it is good enough to warrant doing it repeatedly.


Image source: zomgitsduke, mali maeder

Anything that requires an insane amount of waiting in line. Amusement parks, brunches at fancy places, night clubs, etc.

Like, you’re engaging in an a barrier to make the “thing” you want seem worthwhile.

I dunno, I despise lines.


Open relationships. I’m sure there’s some genuine believers but I wonder how many partners are opening up their relationship to keep their partner and just are afraid to be alone and date again. When I see couples talk about it it always looks like one person is way more into it than the other.

Image source: Shot_Net_1357


Image source: TheeMost313, Los Muertos Crew

Podcasts where the hosts just laugh at everything they/other hosts/guests say. Nothing is that funny for that long, dude.



Image source: mozygotflowzy


Nespresso coffee, no clue why people are willing to pay such a premium for burnt tasting coffee

Image source: cronchsupreme


Nothing. People legitimately have different tastes. Just let people enjoy their IPAs/gin/pickles/spicy food/whatever. If that’s not your thing, have something else.

Image source: DJDoubleDave


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