30 Artists Who Recreated Sailor Moon In Their Own Style

Published 4 years ago

Even if you’re not a big fan of anime, you have probably seen an episode or two of Sailor Moon before. But just in case you’re not that familiar, Sailor Moon is a manga that debuted back in 1991 and was eventually turned into a TV series. It follows the life of main character Usagi Tsukino and her talking cat who gives her a magical brooch that allows the girl to turn into Sailor Moon – a soldier that is destined to save Earth from evil.

Recently, someone on Twitter challenged artists to redraw Sailor Moon using their own style in a challenge called #SailorMoonRedraw. The challenge quickly went viral with artists from all over the world submitting their art. Check out some of the best responses to the #SailorMoonRedraw challenge in the gallery below!

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Image source: kgproject2


Image source: Artgerm


Image source: vioriie


Image source: GTcockroach


Image source: silverjow_art


Image source: Xelalanana


Image source: Bezalel707


Image source: jul_shii


Image source: AngryangryD


Image source: crownsforkings


Image source: jvzmina


Image source: savisavichan


Image source: ban_dar_log


Image source: bussiarati


Image source: v_0_3


Image source: felutiahime


Image source: laurenbaldoart


Image source: ohilin


Image source: EmilyenaStrange


Image source: iohym


Image source: HNTI1


Image source: ritwells


Image source: Bacon_Strips_MA


Image source: IDK_kun


Image source: guo72684268


Image source: confused_gurl_


Image source: Naudh1z


Image source: ConsuJay


Image source: Chalseu_D


Image source: piiroinardesco

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