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20+ Dark Illustrations Showing What’s Wrong With Our Society That You Won’t Understand Without Looking At The Titles

Published 8 months ago

The SUN Project is a four-person art collaboration fronted by artist Mimi N. The project already gathered over 166k followers on Instagram and deals with the sensitive topics of depression and loneliness by creating thought-provoking illustrations.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Mimi N said she started making comics back in 2007 as a part of her epilepsy therapy. “I just draw what I love, [the] boundary between life and death, beauty and ugliness, smiles and sadness. I love exploring [different] art styles and fashion trends,” says the artist. Mimi also says she’s glad that people relate to her art but it’s only a small part of her: “I also love drawing anime, fanart, my own comics and much more. I wish my art can the world a better place.”

Check out the illustrations in the gallery below!

More info: Instagram | patreon | h/t

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Behind your back

Image source: futarinokizuna


Every little thing you say

Image source: futarinokizuna


Group assignment

Image source: futarinokizuna


The real me

Image source: futarinokizuna


Four of us

Image source: futarinokizuna



Image source: futarinokizuna



Image source: futarinokizuna


I can’t

Image source: futarinokizuna



Image source: futarinokizuna



Image source: futarinokizuna

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