Rape And Consent Described In 7 Illustrations By Alli Krekham

Published 9 years ago

Consent is one of the biggest issues in the current discussion about rape. And comic artist Alli Kirkham drew some comics illustrating consent. The comics explain consent issues by transplanting them from sexual environment to everyday situations.

Is it okay to give a tattoo to a friend while he‘s passed out drunk, even if he told you some time before that he wanted a tattoo? If you invite a friend for a movie, but he doesn‘t like it, and wants to do something else, do you force him to watch it? It all seems clearer now, doesn‘t it?

The comic was drawn by feminism comic artist Alli Kirkham, who posts her work on Tumblr. Check her out if want to see drawings of Superwoman as well as social commentary!

More info: Tumblr | Twitter (h/t: upworthy, boredpanda)

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1. You are staying until it’s done


2. You said I could have it once


3. You said you liked it


4. You said you wanted it


5. You are my wife and it’s your duty


6. You owe me


7. You are asking for it


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