Stop Saying “Sorry” And Start Saying “Thank You”

Published 8 years ago

While saying “I’m sorry” is a cultural phenomenon and favorite past time of Canadians, turns out you would be better off cutting down on it. Yao Xiao has drawn a comic presenting a compelling argument why many of the “sorries” should be replaced with “thank-yous.” Simply put, it’s all about accentuating the positive attitudes that people have towards you instead of driving home the point that you might be doing something wrong. Finally, a comic that gives both useful advice and food for thought!

Yao Xiao was born in China, but came over to the US as an exchange student, and stayed. She works as an illustrator, drawing from a variety of inspirations. On her website, Xiao describes herself as “enthusiast for queer fashion, vintage cabaret, collecting odd objects, and absurd science fiction with a flair of whimsy.” Make sure to check out her other works – they’re drawn in a much different style than this comic!

More info: | facebook | instagram | twitter | tumblr (h/t: boredpanda)

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