25+ Changes That Were Made To Your Favorite Childhood Book To Keep Up With The Times

Published 9 years ago

Richard Scarry has written and illustrated over 300 children’s books since 1949. Over time, however, changes had been made to reflect the new face of society. Alan Taylor, a senior editor for the photo section of The Atlantic, has made a comparison showing the changes made between the 1963 and 1991 editions of the Best Word Book Ever.

Most changes have to do with gender roles: some occupations got their names changed to gender-neutral words (“fireman” to “firefighter”) while others had gender-identifying connotations removed (“pretty stewardess” is just a “flight attendant” now). The book also removed all mentions of cowboys and Indians. Sections such as “Out West” or “Buildings” were left out, as well as those on paintings and music making, to remove things like churches, cathedrals and French Foreign Legion forts.

More info: flickr.com (h/t: upworthy)

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Richard Scarry’s ‘Best Word Book Ever’ changed a lot between 1963 and 1991


Dad can now also make food


Neither flight attendants nor pilots have to beautiful or of a specific gender


Firefighters now save anyone no matter the gender or beauty


Men no longer report to breakfast with military precission


The genders of various kids have also been swapped


The book removes all references to Native Americans and cowboys


The book updates both gendered occupation names and the occupations themselves


Finally, there’s equality in the dentist’s office


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