Online Group Mocks Absurd “Science” Posts In Facebook, Here’s The Worst 30

Published 2 years ago

We have been taught that social media isn’t the best source of information as they are littered with regular people like you. And sometimes, these regular people are not experts in any field but they can blast out inappropriate, incorrect, or inaccurate information regarding something. So it’s best to avoid false information whenever you happen to spot one.

Or an even better alternative is to shame these bearers of false information online! In the Facebook Science subreddit, people have been showcasing the dumbest “science” they have ever seen online. From COVID deniers to flat earthers, this list of 30 absurd takes will surely make you facepalm at how stupid some people can be.

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#1 F**k, I Must Have A Negative Iq Score

Image source: dietcokeordeath

#2 Lmao My Kids Would Freak Out If I Taped This To Them

Image source: generallyrelat1ve

#3 Ow My Finances

Image source: Antipop

#4 Worst Idea I’ve Ever Heard. Please Don’t Give Me The Vaccine, Oh No, Please Dont

Image source: FlipMineArseMom

#5 Water Thoughts Only ?

Image source: antonfabijan

#6 This Is No Asteroid Hole

Image source: Yunners

#7 Globe Lies

Image source: Rose275

#8 Someone Does Not Understand How Fruit Trees Are Seasonal

Image source: NW_Inlander

#9 That Settles It. The Fires Are Fooling Us

Image source: Talibumm

#10 Expert Scientists Bad Because Fictional Boat Better Than Real Boat

Image source: BirkMatt,

#11 Viruses Are A Myth

Image source: Rose275

#12 Terrible Science, But I’d Watch This Movie

Image source: Yunners

#13 Biology Lesson

Image source: Rose275

#14 *know

Image source: MorosisMoose

#15 Facebook ‘Scientists’

Image source: Rose275

#16 Manufactured Government Fog

Image source: Yunners

#17 Nasa Just Need To Use Toilet Seats, It’s Cheaper

Image source: Rose275

#18 Who Wants To Start A Magnet Business With Me(Credits To R/Vaxxhappened)?

Image source: DanielD5

#19 Covid 19 Does Exist

Image source: Rose275

#20 This Family Friend’s Facebook Account Is A Gem

Image source: Rilzab

#21 ‘disappears’

Image source: Yunners

#22 It’s Just A Joke!!

Image source: Rose275

#23 Wake Up

Image source: Rose275

#24 There’s A Lot To Unpack In This One

Image source: ultramelia

#25 I Posted This On R/Flatearth Someone Told Me I Should Post It Here Too

Image source: he-who-comments

#26 Corona Hoax

Image source: Rose275

#27 False Equivalency Bro

Image source: fallenfire360

#28 This One Made Me Irrationally Angry

Image source: TheAmazingKargol

#29 “The Lack Of Humility Before Nature That’s Being Displayed Here, Uh… Staggers Me.”

Image source: Yunners

#30 Bloody Muppets

Image source: mightymidwestshred

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