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20+ Product Fails That Made Their Creators Regret Their Decisions

Published 2 years ago

#61 Corfam, Dupont, 1963

Image source: vcleat

In 1964 DuPont launched Corfam shoes with synthetic leather. They were advertised as a much better alternative to leather shoes and managed to rustle up some excitement about their new product. However, these shoes flopped after people started complaining that the shoes were stiff and too hot for feet. It resulted in the company losing over $100 million.

#62 Napster, 1999

Image source: wikipedia

In the late 90’s the startup Napster was launched. Napster offered free music sharing services and was used by more than 80 million people. Soon enough, however, lawsuits against the company for copyright infringement began to pile up and Napster had to end their services.

#63 Vegemite Isnack 2.0, 2009

Image source: Kimberly Vardeman

In 2009 Vegemite received 48,000 suggestions on what to name their new cheese-based spread. Out of all the ideas they received, they decided to go with the worst one – iSnack 2.0. It was widely ridiculed and protested and it made the company rethink their choice.

#64 Hannah Montana Cherries, Disney, 2009

Image source: Unknown

After Hannah Montana became a success, Disney merchandised dozens of products. Some were appropriate, others, like these cherries, not so much…

#65 Apple Newton, 1993

Image source: moparx

The Newton was a personal digital assistant developed by Apple. It was the first device to feature handwriting recognition. At first glance, the device was innovative but was later discontinued because of problems with the handwriting recognition feature and a high price tag.

#66 Nw-Hd1 Audio Player, Sony, 2004

Image source: Amazon

When this audio player came out it was probably the smallest player at the time. However, it was a complete flop because it only supported Sony’s ATRAC3 format. So no MP3, WAV, or WMA support. Also, the price was way too big.

#67 Frito-Lay Lemonade, Pepsico, 1998

Image source: Unknown

In 1998 the leading snack company decided to launch a new drink. They believed that Frito-Lay lemonade would go well with their chips, but consumers disagreed. The lemonade was soon shelved after failing to interest consumers

#68 Eyetop Wearable Dvd Player, 2004

Image source: want

Eyetop Wearable DVD player was designed to allow you to watch DVD’s on the go. A 320 x 240 pixel LCD screen mounted in the right eyepiece of the glasses was supposed to simulate a 14-inch screen. The product flopped as users began to complain of motion sickness.

#69 Hp Touchpad, 2011

Image source: photo4howi

HP attempted to compete with iPad in 2011 by creating TouchPad. However, the new tablet was just like every other tablet on the market failing to deliver something new. It lasted only 49 days on the market selling just 20,000 units.

#70 Oakley Thump, 2005

Image source: Amazon

In 2004 Oakley THUMP was launched as the first audio player built into sunglasses. Weak sound, a high price (from $249 to $349) and the odd fashion design failed to gain consumers interest.

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