These Homeowners Were Promised A Real Lake But Got A Fake One Instead

Published 5 years ago

With more and more high rise condos popping up everywhere, green areas in cities are becoming a rarity, especially in some more densely populated areas in China. So imagine peoples’ reactions when real estate developers in Changsha, Hunan, announced that a newly-built apartment complex will have a beautiful pond between the buildings. The apartments probably sold out like hotcakes! However, not everything turned out to be as perfect as it sounded.

As soon as the new homeowners moved in, they noticed something off about the little urban lake. Turns out it wasn’t a lake at all – it was just a big piece of blue plastic! But hey – at least the little bridge was a nice addition.

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Homeowners in Changsha, China, were promised a nice little lake between the buildings

Image credits: Pear Video

Only it turned out to be completely fake!

Image credits: Pear Video

The developers fooled around 200 homeowners who just wanted a nice little lake to throw some pebbles in.

At least the bridge is real

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“So I’m supposed to be standing in the middle of blue water, which in fact doesn’t exist. There is no rock or plants,” a disappointed homeowner told the press.

Image credits: Pear Video

Image credits: Pear Video

You probably heard about fake products before but this “lake” really takes the cake.

Image credits: Pear Video

Image credits: Pear Video

South China Morning Post even reported that due to the rush to build new buildings, the quality and safety of them has dropped significantly.

Looks like the homeowners won’t be dipping their feet in this lake anytime soon

Image credits: Pear Video

Image credits: Pear Video

What’s next – a fake apartment complex?

See more of the fake plastic lake in the video below

People had a lot to say about the fake lake

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