“Bone Apple Tea”: 20 Times People Hilariously Butchered A Common Phrase

Published 11 months ago

In August 2016, Dunta Pickett shared a photo of his dinner on his birthday with the caption, “bone apple tea” instead of “bon appétit”. This post quickly went viral for its typo error and was so popular it even inspired the creation of a subreddit by the same name, r/BoneAppleTea. 

Now having amassed a following of over, 1.2 million members, the subreddit shares fun typo errors that are similar to Dunta’s original where words are replaced with hilarious similar-sounding alternatives. Scroll below to see some of the best ones shared on the thread which are bound to enter-ten you!

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#1 Mental Illinois

Image source: Astrxxl

#2 Review Mirrors

Image source: JoojKarlos

#3 Genuine Pig

Image source: sarcosaurus

#4 Cow Flower Pizza

Image source: brizzboog

#5 Center Fudge

Image source: xzzz

#6 Prawn On A Chest Board

Image source: Pinapickle

#7 Bi-Curiously

Image source: WannabeEgirl_Ellie

#8 Completely Mind-Bottling

Image source: RoseAlma

#9 Air Ducks

Image source: AH_Nastyface

#10 My Nipple Ate

Image source: dontcallmefeisty

#11 Would You Ostrich-Size Them?

Image source: nothingandnowhere7

#12 Pee Pee Tom

Image source: GMgoddess

#13 Fire Distinguisher

Image source: joe-vee-wan

#14 Urethral✨

Image source: AgreeableAd9816

#15 Doggy Dog

Image source: SilentNyxx

#16 Bob Wire

Image source: OblateEast51

#17 Delicious Hand Soup

Image source: FabulousCeiba

#18 Toe Food

Image source: vintagepop

#19 I Found This Up Hauling

Image source: CnamhaCnamha

#20 Four Meal Your

Image source: carrot-parent

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