30 Funny Examples Of People Confidently Using A Term Or Phrase Incorrectly

Published 1 year ago

The famous English teacher, Mr Brown, from the popular show, ‘Mind Your Language’ gave us a glimpse at how easy it is to butcher the English language and end up in a comedy of errors.  

It’s certainly not easy to master a language, but one would hope that considering it is one of the most used languages in the world to communicate, that we would all have a better command of the situation. Sadly, or maybe entertainingly enough, this is just not the case and we have the examples to prove it. 

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#1 Salmon Vanilla

Image source: tastyhotdog245

#2 In Some Near

Image source: paininmybass

#3 Always Make Sure You Use Your Tongue!

Image source: drbrydges

#4 Brown Kite Is

Image source: cityandshannon

#5 Had To Confirm This Is Really What They Mean. Damsel In This Dress

Image source: OmenLW

#6 Catholic Converter

Image source: Tighnari

#7 Meta Pause

Image source: oliviaisacat

#8 Standing Ovulation

Image source: esketitty

#9 Eggs-Been-A-D**k

Image source: supermav27

#10 “Looks Can Be A Little This Evening “

Image source: MiddleAd4909

#11 Breakfast Nuke

Image source: discosanta

#12 Going Into Cardigan Arrest

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#13 Cone Sent Lmao

Image source: Accidentally_Lee

#14 Takin A Bath By Her Beauty

Image source: Mr_Makaveli_187

#15 Lonely Tennessee Melons Can’t Elope

Image source: abjectHaggler601

#16 Bob Wire

Image source: lewdlySmell46

#17 Fire Distinguisher

Image source: joe-vee-wan

#18 Apparently Fire Exists

Image source: l1b3rtr1n

#19 Garlic Permission

Image source: RippyADMB

#20 Delicious Hand Soup

Image source: FabulousCeiba

#21 Circumcise

Image source: unaware-wolf

#22 Ankle Grinder

Image source: Strong-Plastic4420

#23 Air Ducks

Image source: AH_Nastyface

#24 Like I’m At The Foreskin Of Everybody’s Mind

Image source: GroundbreakingSeat82

#25 Jack Off All Traits

#26 A Pitta Me

Image source: WalterLeDuy

#27 Entry Pioneer

Image source: W0lf_LoverTV

#28 Mow-Nourished

Image source: shmabeog

#29 Jena Rated

Image source: AntonK2439

#30 Doggy Dog

Image source: SilentNyxx

Shanilou Perera

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