30 Puns From The ‘Puns’ Online Community To Tickle Your Brain

Published 2 years ago

In life, we can’t be serious most of the time. Sometimes, it helps to relax a bit, release a bit of humor, and just be funny for a while. After all, life becomes very enjoyable when you’re happy, and you appreciate things that can make you happy. For that reason, we’ll present to you the Puns subreddit.

We’ll temporarily stray away our brains from taking in a lot of serious information. Let’s have some puntastic statements like the ones above just for fun! Below, we compiled a list of 30 hilarious puns that you wouldn’t even need to read again to understand!

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#1 I’ll Try But Cloths On

Image source: _elvishpresley_

#2 Hooker Furniture

Image source: JaeS24

#3 Saw This In A Youtube Video, Thought It Belonged Here

Image source: Motor46

#4 Midwives

Image source: SleepWouldBeNice

#5 Wholesome Too

Image source: BanAllPineapples

#6 Most Likely Yes

Image source: discovid19

#7 Topical

Image source: vidman33

#8 Not Mine. But Always Makes Me Giggle

Image source: Alca87

#9 I’ve Lost Count Of The Times I Forgot

Image source: bo_veytia

#10 That’s A Foot And

Image source: RabbitGuySentMe

#11 No Spoilers

Image source: Onfour

#12 Sick Doggo

Image source: Ki11ersix

#13 Those Brother In Law Pun Skills

Image source: IDontBeleiveImOnFIre

#14 An Oldie But A Goodie…

Image source: tessdf

#15 It Shall Commence On 4/20

Image source: justlooking250

#16 That’s A Triple

Image source: reddit.com

#17 I Loaf It

Image source: Yugvijay

#18 Ba Dum, Tsss

Image source: awells1012

#19 I’d Ruther Not Say

Image source: Un_FaZed211

#20 Please Stop Dad

Image source: amrha

#21 Im Stuffed

Image source: maipace

#22 Marry Her Faster


Image source: RobMash11

#23 Pretty Solid Evidence

Image source: entrro

#24 Damn!

Image source: shampoo_and_dick

#25 Slightly Burnt

Image source: reddit.com

#26 Puppy’s Favourite Spot

Image source: BlackEyedBroad

#27 Stolen Antidepressants

Image source: dufosho

#28 Ah Yes, Pretty Hip

Image source: muchneededmerch

#29 Life’s A Beach

Image source: Quivant

#30 I Have Fallen In Dough

Image source: reddit.com

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