20 Candid And Wholesome Camera Shots Of Celebrities And Their Parents

Published 1 year ago

Paparazzi was a thing back then for a reason. There was a demand, so somebody stepped up to supply. However, nowadays, there’s a huge shift in the way we access stories. Celebrities now have the tools to give us their firsthand experiences themselves, setting the narrative and we are here for it, especially when its promoting deep love and appreciation.

We all love to know the background on our fave movie/tv stars. We used to love to know all the tidbits, but with more and more emphasis on privacy being highlighted we just want to appreciate what the celebs themselves are revealing.

As appreciators of stories, we like to know who our main characters are and then we need that little sneak peek into their background through a relationship with a supporting character. Famous people and their parents are a collection of photos shared by the celebs themselves of candid camera shots of them enjoying wholesome moments with their folks, reminding us that normal, is perfectly okay.

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#1 Lady Gaga And Her Mother Cynthia Germanotta

Image source: ladygaga

#2 Chris Hemsworth With His Mother Leonie Hemsworth

Image source: chrishemsworth

#3 Jennifer Garner And Her Mother Patricia Ann Garner

Image source: jennifer.garner

#4 Jason Momoa And His Mother Coni Momoa

Image source:  prideofgypsies

#5 Gal Gadot With Her Father Michael Gadot

Image source: gal_gadot

#6 Ariana Grande With Her Father Edward Butera

Image source: arianagrande

#7 Jessica Biel And Her Mother Kimberly Biel

Image source: jessicabiel

#8 Justin Timberlake And His Mother Lynn Bomar Harless

Image source: justintimberlake

#9 Robert Downey Jr. And His Father Robert Downey Sr

Image source: robertdowneyjr

#10 Hugh Jackman With His Father Christopher John Jackman

Image source: thehughjackman

#11 Ryan Reynolds And His Mother Tammy Reynolds

Image source: vancityreynolds

#12 Kate Hudson And Her Mother Goldie Hawn

Image source: katehudson

#13 Alicia Keys And Her Mother Terria Joseph

Image source:  aliciakeys

#14 Zendaya With Her Father Kazembe Ajamu Coleman

Image source: zendaya

#15 Timothée Chalamet And His Mother Nicole Flender

Image source: tchalamet

#16 Dua Lipa And Her Mother Anesa Lipa

Image source: anesalipa

#17 Jennifer Lopez And Her Father David Lopez

Image source: jlo

#18 Catherine Zeta-Jones And Her Father David James Jones

Image source: catherinezetajones

#19 Paul McCartney And His Father James McCartney

Image source: paulmccartney

#20 Nicole Kidman And Her Mother Janelle Kidman

Image source: nicolekidman

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