Artist Reimagines 14 Fast Food Mascots As Anime Characters, And Manga Fans Couldn’t Be More Hooked

Published 7 years ago

We’re so familiar with the fast food chains mascots that it feels like it would be nearly impossible to replace them with something else. Yet Filipino digital artist Ozumii Wizard did just that by transforming those quick food icons into anime characters.

From Ronald McDonald to the Starbucks lady, the illustrator has enriched the famous mascots that usually get stripped down of details. So much so, that the new versions of those characters look better than some actual Manga books.

What do you think about them? Better than the ones used now? Let us know in the comments!

More info: facebook (h/t)

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#1 KFC, Colonel Sanders

#2 Starbucks

#3 Wendy

#4 Ronald Mcdonald

#5 Wendy And Ronald Mcdonald

#6 Burger King

#7 Dairy Queen

#8 Hamburglar

#9 Denny’s

#10 Teavana

#11 Jack In The Box

#12 J. Co

#13 Jollibee

#14 Arby’s


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