25 Pics That Might Make Your Knees Weak Even If You’re Not Afraid Of Heights

Published 9 months ago

The fear of heights or acrophobia is pretty common but you don’t necessarily have to be afflicted to that extreme to want to stay away from heights. When you go to the edge of a tall building or bridge and look down at what lies below it can often be an overwhelming experience. The weakening of the knees, the feeling of keeling over, and the lack of balance are all common side effects that most of us experience when faced with a massive drop. Or perhaps you have a steady sense of self and will remain unaffected by great heights. 

One simple way to test that theory is to check out some of the pics below showing everything from steep hillsides to rooftop edges to daredevils climbing bridges and other structures to dizzying heights. So go on and scroll to see how affected you may be and we warn you, even if you don’t have acrophobia the following images may cause feelings of imbalance and uneasiness even though you’re safe and sound on solid ground. 

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#1 If My SO Suggested This Photo Idea, I’d Rather Be Single

Image source: angela_nikolau

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Nicole Weymann :

I can just hear either of them say “Life insurance? Why do you ask?

#2 Getting Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed Is Not An Option

Image source: arnaudpetit_climb

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Bear Hall (edited):

Housing crisis reached new heights.

#3 On The Edge 1400 Feet Above Central Park

Image source: Driftershoots

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Tee with a Twist:

I just got a unpleasant feeling in my lower gut. I am so afraid of heights.

#4 A Moment I’ll Never Forget. Sometimes The Timing Is Perfect And All The Elements Line Up For You. This Was One Of Those Times

Image source: shortstache

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Some Weirdo :

And then I died. But the great pic was worth it! :D

#5 As A Person Who Is Afraid Of Heights I’m Not Sure If This Would Make It Easier Or More Difficult To Do Your Business In This Toilet

Image source: hernandezsilva.com.mx

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Bear Hall :

It definitely helps with constipation.

#6 Say Cheese

Image source: My_Shitty_Alter_Ego

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BlindAres :

Provided those harnesses are actually being used and are clipped up, this is the one I’d be okay with.

#7 Sunbathing On A Roof, What Could Go Wrong?

Image source: angela_nikolau

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Sue Denham :

Sudden earthquake, bee lands on you and you freak out, Freak gust of wind . . .

#8 Harihar Fort – A Moist, Steep Staircase In India

Image source: Discover India

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troufaki13 :

I thinks it’s more of a slide than a staircase 😳

#9 On Top Of The Stairs In Pico Tijuca, Brazil

Image source: 4reddityo

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Some Weirdo :


#10 Strong Performance

Image source: dailaojeda

#11 In Brazil, There’s An Apartment Building With A 40-Store Spiral Staircase Attached To The Outside Meant As A Fire Escape. What Scares You More? Fire Or Falling?

Image source: malgoya

#12 Cleaning The Blinds

Image source: Manuel Ruiz

#13 Me Facing My Immense Fear Of Heights 103 Floors Up On The Willis Tower In Chicago! I Did It

Image source: manwilaugh

#14 1.4-Mile Highline Walk

Image source: Insta360

WORLD RECORD Highline with Nathan Paulin at Mont-Saint-Michel.

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Sue Denham :

You know you can get there by road, right?

#15 Victory Over Fear Of Heights, 1000m

Image source: MuffeJones

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Ssss :

Just no

#16 Conquered My Fear Of Heights

Image source: demhagul

#17 I Love Roof-Topping Photos. Does Anyone Have Any Good Ones?

Image source: bbeelzebubb

#18 Château Frontenac, Quebec City

Image source: reddit.com

#19 Hanging Out About ~130 Feet Up Above Deck On A Tall Ship

Image source: fender8421

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Amazing shot and so much bravery! This one is my favorite.

#20 Ancient Arts – First Outdoor Climb, First Multi-Pitch Climb, First Climb On Ropes (I Do Indoor Bouldering)

Image source: reddit.com

#21 Fixing An AC Compressor On A Level 28 Ledge

Image source: torosalmon

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Renee Prete:

Just give them a fan

#22 Pulpit Rock From Above With A Growing Crack. Not A Safety Rail In Sight

Image source: AndreVonDrei

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I’ve been there. First and last time. Didn’t know I was that afraid of heights…. 604 meters down to the fjord below. And I hid behind a few boulders in towards the mountain side and cried

#23 Hanging Out 3,000 Feet Above The Golden Gate Bridge

Image source: jacob

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He/she’s on a helicopter and definitely doesn’t show him/her harnessed in.

#24 Risky Shot

Image source: yaro_pancenko

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Sue Denham:

If this is as precarious as it looks, buddy, you’re an absolute rissole.

#25 Exploring Some Of The Newer Crags On Kalymnos, Still Got The Goods After All These Years Of Development

Image source: Kieran_J_Duncan

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The Deez:

Who takes these pictures?!? Are THEY dangling, too?


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