20 Pics Explaining The ‘Disney Adults’ Cultural Phenomenon

Published 1 year ago

As kids, we all loved Disney. In adulthood, we appreciate it once in a way with a fondness for the memories it evokes or when we have kids, as a much-needed distraction to keep said kids entertained. But did you know, there’s a whole movement of grown adult folk that are absolutely obsessed with Disney.

It’s a cultural internet phenomenon that is literally called, Disney Adults. Meaning, a grown-up millennial or Gen Z-er, whether with or without kids, who just can’t seem to stop talking about Disney. They coordinate clothes to match Disney characters, visit Disneyland as often as possible, have Disney bumper stickers etcetera and Netizens thinks it’s all very obnoxious. However, you can make up your own mind, after browsing the following pics and meme’s we’ve collated below of these Disney enthusiasts.

More Info: r/DisneyAdults | Know Your Meme

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Image source: ebaumsworld


Image source: u/rageagainsthevagene


Image source: c0oldcaseluv


Image source: u/scrumdiddilyumptious



Image source: u/scrumdiddilyumptious


Image source: thedisneymeme


Image source: u/girlfromoz


Image source: allidoisdisney


Image source: LordThighsworth


Image source: Know Your Meme


Image source: u/Alwaystacos




Image source: GrossmanMax


Image source: u/amc_2292


Image source: u/noooquebarato


Image source: allidoisdisney


Image source: ebaumsworld

#20 “This is My Family I found it all on my own its little and Broken but still  good”

Image source: u/littleflowerrunner

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