30 Pics That Might Give You The Uncontrollable Urge To Facepalm

Published 12 months ago

Life has its fair share of facepalm-worthy moments that leave us in disbelief. You know the feeling—the irresistible urge to palm your face as you encounter situations that are just too absurd to comprehend.

The Facepalm subreddit share pictures that capture moments of sheer incredulity, leaving us shaking our heads in disbelief at the sheer lack of common sense or unfortunate circumstances. Check out some of their blood-boiling posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Cancelling Orders Because Of Some Rainbow Cookies Smh

Image source: __Dawn__Amber__

#2 It’s Safe

Image source: lonedrifterjk, twitter.com

#3 Who Ever Runs That Station Is Dumb

Image source: reddit.com

#4 Must Be Those Damn Phones!

Image source: __Dawn__Amber__, twitter.com

#5 Maybe Rethink That Again… Peter

Image source: MeamesMeter

#6 Logic

Image source: xbhaskarx

#7 Well Well Well..how The Turntables

Image source: deannathedford

#8 Hear Me Out

Image source: __Dawn__Amber__

#9 They Really Have Gotten To Us

Image source: Zacharius420

#10 The Founders Would Say The F**k Is An Ohio

Image source: Powerfulwoman20, twitter.com

#11 One Person Still Counts As “Somebody”

Image source: ral365

#12 A First-Person Autobiography?!

Image source: TheAstrogoth

#13 They’re Confused

Image source: d3333p7

#14 What’s Yours?

Image source: kevinowdziej

#15 “Fear For Public Safety” Seriously?

Image source: Benneck123

#16 Tomi Lahren

Image source: __Dawn__Amber__

#17 Wearing Shoes Not Necessary For Our Survival !

Image source: Pleasant-Force

#18 Checkmate

Image source: lucynyu13

#19 “Lets Spent 10 Grand On Jewerly.”

Image source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#20 What About Nurses Who Wear Them 8 To 10 Hours A Day

Image source: Bmchris44

#21 Logic 100

Image source: __Dawn__Amber__

#22 On Jokes

Image source: Elitetimeline7

#23 Disgusting

Image source: reddit.com

#24 All Zero Of Them

Image source: Fishbien

#25 Well You’re Not Wrong

Image source: deannathedford

#26 Don’t Have A Cashapp

Image source: __Dawn__Amber__

#27 Now I Get It!

Image source: KathleenThren

#28 Incredible

Image source: metalsgt90

#29 Correct

Image source: FloatingDoggy

#30 Foreign Sounding Name = Must Be Immigrant = Must Suck At English. Logic 101

Image source: __Dawn__Amber__

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