20 Folks Are Sharing Their Most Shocking Experiences In Other People’s Homes

Published 1 year ago

Not all homes are alike! Different people have different lifestyles and different hobbies. However, some of them are so strange that we just can’t shrug them off.

Recently, a Redditor asked, “What’s the strangest/weirdest thing you’ve seen in someone else’s house?” and many people shared their experiences about creepy, confusing, and bizarre things they discovered in other people’s homes. Scroll below to read a few of them.

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Image source: anon, Girl with red hat

“I cat-sat for my neighbor once.

Some Kitty’s medication was kept cold. When I opened the fridge to grab it, I noticed tub after tub of jello. Everything in the fridge was jello. Like 40 tubs of it. Nothing else besides the medicine.”


Image source: dearmissally, Dima Pechurin

“Just met our new upstairs neighbor and she invited us inside her apartment. It’s two units in an old house for reference. She asked us if the last lady that lived in her unit had a daycare or something and I said I didn’t think so. She showed me how all the doors/door frames had locks on the outside of the doors… it was freaky.”


Image source: ageniusawizard, Pavel Danilyuk

“When I was in high school, my Mom came home from a garage sale with a coffin. It was a wooden antique from England. It was from the 19th century. It had screw holes in the top which lifted all the way off. The couple who sold it to her were getting rid of it because they disagreed about what purpose it should serve. The wife wanted to keep using it as a coffee table w/blanket storage and the husband wanted to turn it into a gun rack. My Mom thought it was great as a coffee table so my siblings and I spent the next few years asking our friends, “Would you like a blanket from the coffin?” while we watched TV. So yeah, high school was fun.”


Image source: shortcakie, Dominika Roseclay

“I went to my friend Brian’s house once for dinner and his mom set 4 places. One for me, one for brian, one for her self and the last one was for a doll with a cut out picture of Brian’s dead grandmothers face taped to the dolls face.

Very creepy.”


Image source: CicadaLife

“My girlfriend in college had many odd things on shelves, I think the strangest were 3 bearded dragon fetuses suspended in alcohol in small glass vials.

I married her, so I guess I should say our shelf now…”


Image source: gemino1990, Niklas Jeromin

“I went to this guys house, they had a pet beaver. Now when I say beaver, I’m talking they had a little pond and rocks and cage thing with a happy little beaver inside in the middle of their living room. The beaver came right up to the edge of the cage and let me pet it and all. It was awesome.”‘


Image source: pretzelstickssalty, Daniel Bonilla

“A horse, yes my parents friends kept their horse inside and when they came to our house they brought the horse inside too.”


Image source: bldyjingojango

“Slept with a girl a few times, she had a wall of tarantulas and small snakes. Horror memorabilia everywhere including stick on bloody feet making a trail thru her kitchen.
Bedroom was wall to wall mirrors…”


Image source: JustThorns00, Tima Miroshnichenko

“A man in a hospital bed without a nose. I was around 9 when we were invited to the backyard – everyone was running through the house and I was trying to keep up. The sight of that poor man stopped me in my tracks.”


Image source: WooRankDown

“When I was little, I had two friends who had a trapeze in their living room.
I loved playing at their houses.”


Image source: alpharats28, Gustave Courbet

“I cleaned houses for a while. One client was an elderly funeral home owner who lived alone in a big place. His master bathroom was carpeted (gross) and had a urinal. Directly above the urinal at eye level was an oil painting portrait of a man staring back at you.”


Image source: glutenfreecatloaf

“my aunt has a framed photo of meryl streep in her computer room. i was very perplexed and asked my cousin if she noticed the rogue meryl and she casually said, “oh yeah, i told mom that her and meryl streep looked alike and then i guess she printed that out!”

you go, aunt yvonne.”


Image source: beautifulexistence

“One of my old best friends is a bit on the eccentric side. Instead of a dining table and chairs, he has a full corner booth and table recovered from an Applebee’s that was either closing down or remodeling. It takes up the entire dining side of his kitchen.”


Ohhhh boy ok. This happened a couple years ago. Hopefully I can remember all the details.

So my mom and I stopped at, what was advertised as, a garage sale in my neighborhood. They had a bunch of kids stuff in the front yard and we were looking for stuff for my son so we decide to check it out, but when we got close it was all in really bad shape. No big deal, we think, let’s go inside. As we’re walking in we’re greeted by a person we assume to be the owner of the house. He’s wearing black pants and a tiny leather vest with no shirt underneath. I see this now for the red flag that it was. He welcomes us and tells us everything in the house is for sale. Everything. Look anywhere you want, he says. Open all the drawers. Look in all the closets. Ok cool. Definitely DOESN’T say anything about there being anything weird in the house.

First things first the house is kind of s****y/trashed, but still looks relatively normal. Only obviously weird thing is that they have a giant tv playing a crazy looking horror movie. Super scary and gory. He says the tv is for sale too so maybe they’re just playing whatever is on to show it works. We look around and don’t find anything good and decide to go upstairs. Once upstairs we proceed into the first bedroom. Looks pretty normal. Kind of small and furnished for a kid. Nothing we want? Ok move on. The next bedroom looks like someone is sleeping in the bed. Oops – sorry! But no, it is a full sized human horror prop of a very realistic zombie woman and oh f**k in the corner is a very realistic prop of half a human crawling across the floor. These things looked so real guys. We’re like, “Jesus, what the f**k. These people are serious about Halloween.” We go to the next room and it is set up like a full-on dungeon with torture equipment and fake humans and piles of Barbie heads for some reason (??).

We are seriously freaked out and decide to leave as quickly and quietly as possible. As we’re walking out of the dungeon room a woman comes out of the other creepy room. We look at each other, wide eyed and silent, and all proceed out the front door to separately process our trauma.

Image source: family_resemblance


Image source: BartlettMagic, Oks Malkova

“My friend and his family bred and raised cockatiels. For some reason, when one would die, they would put it in Saran Wrap and store it in their freezer. I found this out by randomly discovering a half dozen of them one day when I was digging for ice cream. He thought it was the most rational thing in the world, and as a person that doesn’t raise or breed specific animals, I didn’t second guess him. Only in hindsight did I start to truly think it was f*****g weird.”


Image source: Theearthhasnoedges, Mathew MacQuarrie

“I dated a girl whose grandfather once demolished an old medical building. The first time I went to a Sunday dinner at her grandparents’ place he just had a f*****g human skull chilling on a shelf in his living room.”


Image source: lilp_stitious, Vie Studio

“A functioning toilet against the wall in a bedroom.

To be clear, there was no sink. Which makes it way more disturbing imo.”


Image source: Back2Bach, Kate Trush

“They had a large moose head with amber glass eyes mounted high above their fireplace mantle.

There were electric bulbs behind the amber glass eyes that lit up – making the moose look like it was agitated and about to charge.”


Image source: PerishSong-

“Hundreds of those automatic febreeze sprays. Like actual hundreds. I couldn’t breathe inside the house.”


Image source: anon, Joe Dudeck

“A storage room with hooks on the ceiling and floor.”

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