20 People Shared Their Opinions On What Behavior Is Considered Normal But They Find Weird

Published 2 years ago

Humans do so many random things on a daily basis that some of those activities have become “normal” for all of us, and yet if you give it a deep thought, you might find some “normalized things” extremely bizarre.

People in the Bored Panda community recently decided to list all those things that are quite odd when you actually think about it. Scroll below to read some of the answers and let’s reflect upon some evident flaws of our modern society.

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Hunting animals as a leisurely activity. Not for food, but fun. Like fox hunting in the UK. Hunting humans for fun is illegal, murder and very very wrong. Surely people who hunt animals for sport have psychopathic tendencies and psychological issues?


That the best paid jobs are likely to be non-essential for sustaining our societies, like cosmetic surgeons or stock market brokers. And that essential jobs are paid so little, like cleaners, teachers or social workers.


Liking, following, and worshipping influencers. They’re just people, and most are faking their looks and profiles, yet it’s normal to idolize them. No thanks.


Asking when you’re gonna have a kid! Why is that normal and ok? I’m gonna monumentally change my life because it’s socially acceptable, nay, demanded that you procreate on an already overpopulated planet!!!

And when you state you don’t want any, you’re told that you’ll change your mind!!! Or if you’re over 30 as a woman, your body clock is ticking?!?!?

Not only from family, but strangers!!!

I tell people I simply can’t have them (half true) or that I would eat them if I did… second one is great for family dinners… lol x


It should not be normal to pierce a baby’s ears. I know that earrings can look really cute, but that is not good enough a reason to penetrate healthy skin of someone to young to agree to it.

If a child actively asks to get their ears pierced, it is if course totally ok. But no baby ever asked for this. They don’t talk. They’re babies.


When someone is in a situation (think being hurt/attacked) where they need help and instead of helping, everyone takes out their phones to record video of it.


Voting against universal healthcare, paid time off, and higher taxes on the ultrarich.


The whole concept of Religion is actually very odd when you think about it.


Forcing relationships on kids at a young age. I’ve seen shirts made for infants that say “ladies man” and similar stuff on them, and I think it’s disgusting.


Being offended by literally anything and everything. Lighten up people!


Sharing your kid’s photos on social media. Family albums are okay, when they are printed, or storing the pics just on your PC. It really stays on the net like “forever”, or at least, as long as the internet exists.


Expecting children to socialise with everyone and share everything. I was a very shy child so when my mum invited her mom friends over they’d all send their kids to my room to play with my stuff and it was like a form of torture. We should teach children about reasonable boundaries and respect – We don’t expect the same behaviour from adults so I don’t see why it’s acceptable to do to our kids


Sexualizing literally everything that does not need to be sexualized. Eg, tacos and hotdogs. Let me enjoy my food without losing my appetite due to some unnecessary joke.


Forcing kids: “go hug/kiss your grandma/grandpa/aunt” body autonomy level zero. That’s what kids are taught from a young age, they have no right to choose who can touch/kiss them, or forced to give away their affection against their own will. :(((((((((((((( NOT NORMAL at all


As an American, all the reasons we have to ‘party’. I’m not necessarily complaining because I like to get together with friends and have a good time but I don’t remember my parents’ generation having this many ‘celebrations’ to go to. For only ONE young couple we know, we have attended the engagement party, bachelor/bachelorette party, the bridal shower, the wedding, 3 housewarmings, and soon to be 4 baby showers. They have been married for 6 years. I believe next year will mark their eldest child’s kindergarten graduation.


The greeting, “Hi, how are you?” Or “How ya doing?” And then everyone just says “Fine.” In the first place, it seems like noone really wants to know how you actually are. And in the second place, noone says how they actually are. I mean, most of us are not all that fine a lot of the time.


Colour coding babies clothes so that people know which genitals they have.


Idolising billionaires. Like when people think people like Elon Musk have a willingness to save the planet.


Not speaking up when you see someone acting inappropriately towards another person. This happens all the time. When someone is yelling at the cashier, at the receptionist, making rude comments towards someone who’s a minority, or passive-aggressively down a person during a meeting. I remember speaking up and being the only one to do it and not a single soul would do the same. I wish I was a 6’5″ man most days where they would more intimidated by me when I speak up for someone.


Cancel Culture! Even when joking about this, it’s an incredibly childish thing to do and normalize, especially when people jump on the bandwagon and attack anyone, especially celebrities for messing up or doing something that even slightly rubs people the wrong way. Everybody makes mistakes, don’t harass them for it!

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