This WWII Submarine Base In France Was Converted Into The World’s Largest Digital Art Center

Published 4 years ago

What’s the best way to deal with an old, unused submarine base? Demolish it? Turn it into a giant swimming pool? How about turning it into the largest digital art center in the world? We know the second one might sound fun but swimming in 16 m deep water might be a little dangerous – that’s why Culturespaces chose the third option.

The company invested a whopping 10 M to restore and convert and old submarine base located in Bordeaux, France, into a massive art center called Bassins de Lumières that’s five times as large as the Atelier des Lumières located in Paris.

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Culturespaces transformed an old submarine base into the largest digital art center in the world

It takes a lot of time and work to completely transform such a derelict old building and the company has been actively restoring it since 2018.

“The digital exhibitions will be perfectly adapted to the monumental architecture of the submarine base and will be reflected in the water of the four enormous basins, thereby adding a new dimension to the immersive experience,” write Culturespaces. “Visits will be conducted on gangways above the water and along the quays of the enormous basins.”

Culturespaces promise that lovers of both traditional and contemporary art will be able to enjoy themselves. The four enormous basins will be projecting different exhibitions throughout the year, featuring long-running exhibitions dedicated to major artists and art history, and shorter ones dedicated to more contemporary works.

The new digital art center has a projection area of 14,500 m² and will open its doors with Austrian painter Gustav Klimt’s exhibition.

Bassins de Lumières will open its doors on the 17th of April, 2020.

Back in March, Culturespaces launched a unique Van Gogh exhibition called Van Gogh, Starry Night

You can read about the unique audiovisual Van Gogh exhibit here!

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