40 Women Share How They Dealt With Toxic Male Behaviour

Published 1 month ago

Some jokes or comments aim to put someone in their place, especially when they’re on the edge of being sexist or disrespectful toward women. Sadly, they often succeed in their goal.

You can spot examples of this behaviour on ‘The Female Dating Strategy‘ subreddit, which is described as the only dating community exclusively for women. Check out the list below to see what issues women want men to be mindful of or take seriously.

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#1 How Are We Meant To Know?

Image source: brylm92

#2 This Sh*t Right Here!!

Image source: highly_lake_lee, Shari_Teja


Image source: reddit.com, godlywomanhood

#4 They Know!

Image source: Lavender_flow, DrJessTaylor

#5 I Thought They Always Said Cat Ladies Were Gonna Die Alone

Image source: reddit.com

#6 The Discomfort Is Worth It

Image source: LeftistEpicure

#7 If They Want To Scrutinize Your Relationships, Then Scrutinize Theirs

Image source: ShieldMaidenLagertha, CarolynAnhDang

#8 Cry Me A River

Image source: Thesociodark

#9 That Really Puts It In Perspective

Image source: Descendant_of_Innana

#10 The Hypocrisy

Image source: _withawhy

Moë: I hate that one, how about he only picks on you because he likes you…way to teach young girls to put up with abuse

#11 Here’s What A HVM Looks Like In His Own Words, Then Shared By A Guy Friend Who I Know Is A HVM To His Wife

Image source: FDS-GFY

Ritchat: There’s no hotter thing a man can say than this. ❤️


Image source: MarshmellowMedic13, JordynMartinez_

#13 All Of His Exes Can’t Be The “Crazy” Ones

Image source: hardlybelieveit, iconawrites

Tobias Reaper: i think this goes for any relationship

#14 The “Good Old Days” Weren’t Good For Grandma. Now We Know Better- Suffer For What?

Image source: sacchilax

#15 Love This

Image source: loftycries

Fembot: Love this response, am going to use it

#16 Being A People Pleaser Is A Major Tenant Of Being A Pickme. Men Will Only Love The 50/50, Sex Supply, And Maid Service, Not You As A Person

Image source: Vmchik

#17 Wholesome

Image source: xfelugirlx

flower petals: The world needs more mothers/mothers in law like this 💕


Image source: herbivorouscarnivore

#19 All Straight Men

Image source: PatrickStrud

EvilNob: I need a friend like him. As an asexual woman, no matter how oft I tell that I’m not into relationships, especially sexua1 ones, the only male response is “lol you should just try it with me and you will be cured”. I’m tired of it. It’s not a sickness that is curable by seX. I just want to have friends.

#20 Since When Do I Have To Put In Effort??

Image source: like_onomatopoeia

#21 Nothing But Truth

Image source: ScarletFate779, sevreds

#22 Absolutely The Right Response

Image source: PaperFury, PaperFury

#23 Misogyny At Its Finest. I Chortled

Image source: oscine23

#24 Yep, Just About What I Expected

Image source: reddit_is_real_bad

#25 Perfect Way To Deal With Their “Jokes”

Image source: reddit.com, HeatherTDay

#26 Animals > Men

Image source: okiecorri


Image source: herbivorouscarnivore

Spencer’s slave no longer: I’d like to add “do you see a book as competition for your time and attention”?


Image source: reddit.com, Renegade_Sailor

CK: Liberated people tend to appear less superficially “happy” because they have freed themselves from the people who force them to perform happiness under oppression.

#29 Geee I Wonder Why

Image source: ishika_23

Sergy Yeltsen: Yeah, thought so. Behold the incel in its native habitat.

#30 Groom Smashes Bride’s Face Into Cake & She Rightfully Is Leaving Him

Image source: dating-adventures

Fembot: She’s not overreacting. Leave.

#31 Channeling This Energy Today

Image source: jingks_

#32 The Truth About “The Wall”

Image source: Madholley

Katie Lutesinger: If anyone told me “no man wants you” I’d just say “well I don’t want a man so that’s no big loss”.

#33 God’s Will

Image source: TellCerseeItWasMe

flower petals: The world needs more mothers/mothers in law like this 💕

#34 No Lies Told

Image source: reddit.com, ulxma

#35 Yeah Yeah I Know The Answer Is Just To Leave, But This Visual Is Hilarious!

Image source: herbivorouscarnivore

#36 The Reality Of Being A Woman Today – And The Fear Of Sexual And Physical Abuse That Comes With It – Is Something That Most Men Will Never Have To Experience

Image source: Lost_Kale90

#37 Violence Against Women In Movies And TV? Oh, It’s Just For The Realism Effect!

Image source: reddit.com

#38 Where Is The Lie?

Image source: reddit.com, ImaniMulungi

#39 Every One Of My Exes, Though

Image source: breadandbunny

Kariali (edited): Oh yes, I know this. I once told an ex that it was technically r*pe when he didn’t stop when I said no. He still blames me today for “calling him a r*pist”, which “killed his vibe”.

#40 Love Everything About This, People Are Finally Waking Up To It

Image source: hodgehogs, VestigialAcct

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