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20 Images That Showcase The Magnificence Of Finland, Captured By Oscar Keserci

Published 1 month ago

Oscar Keserci, a photographer living near Helsinki, Finland, has a unique background that shaped his artistic journey. Originally from Greece, he discovered his passion for photography after moving to Finland in 2012. Through self-guided learning and relentless practice, he developed his skills and quickly realized his calling.

Transitioning from an amateur to a professional, Oscar’s dedication to capturing Finland’s beauty is unwavering. He fearlessly braves extreme weather, capturing captivating images even in freezing temperatures. Below, you’ll find a selection of his favorite works, showcasing his commitment and talent. As Oscar Keserci’s journey continues, his distinct perspective blends Greek roots with Finland’s landscapes, offering a captivating artistic narrative.

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#1 Magical Sunrise

#2 Night Show

#3 The Portrait

#4 Morning Light

#5 Foggy Morning

#6 The Perfect Night

#7 Winterland

#8 Night Lake

#9 Summer Sunset

#10 Misty Sunrise

#11 Cute Bear

#12 Frozen Sea

#13 The Meeting

#14 The Running Bear

#15 Alone

#16 Winter Forest

#17 Details In The Snow

#18 Frozen Planet

#19 Snowstorm

#20 A Dream Came True

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