People Share 20 Stories Of Why ‘That One Coworker Got Fired’

Published 1 year ago

During our professional careers, we meet a lot of different people whom we may not otherwise choose to interact with. Some of these ‘coworkers’ last longer than others, but in some cases, the behaviour displayed by them is absolutely baffling especially considering it’s the workplace and you wonder how they even got hired in the first place. 

So when someone asked online, “How did that one coworker get fired?”, folks responded with the most shocking tales of irrational behaviours that caused someone to be let go of immediately. Ranging from funny to downright psychotically scary, these stories may serve as a warning to not judge a book by its cover. 

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Image source: darybrain, RODNAE Productions

Apparently he had been getting into those pickup artist classes and books b******t and how to be a real man wankery. Some female colleague disrespected his manliness by asking him to clarify a work issue or something that offended him so during a conference meeting he just got up, walked around the desk, and slapped her so hard that her head bounced of the table knocking her out and fracturing her jaw. His ring also gashed her cheek and damaged her eye. He then sat back down and tried to casually continue on with the meeting. He didn’t understand why we called the police as well as the ambulance and why we wouldn’t let him leave the room. He is in gaol now hopefully being sodomised like the little wankstain b***h he is.


Image source: perpterds, Dane Deaner

Planned an armed robbery with her boyfriend on the phone. On the work phone. While on the clock. What about the boyfriend, I heard nobody ask? In jail at the time. On a monitored phone call.

Shop S-Mart, folks


Image source: Outside-Tomorrow-775, Artem Mizyuk

He was an arsonist…. I work for a fire department…..


She tried to sell drugs to the owner of the company’s young teenage daughter.

Image source: Violently-ill


Happened a few years after I left, but a reporter at the TV station I worked for committed a hit and run on her way in to work. Drove right to the station and went to work editing her news package. Police show up, and go back to her edit bay. They say, “Do you know why we’re here?” She says yes, and they took her away.

I should have clarified. It was a hit and run of a pedestrian.

Image source: Accomplished_Exit_30


Stabbed a coworker with a fork.

Image source: nostromo7


Image source: N-y-s-s-a, Yan Krukau

Accused a coworker of sexually harassing female coworkers but got caught in his own lie when cameras showed he was the one doing it on the date/time he gave the manager to investigate


Image source: miss_demean0r, Antoni Shkraba

She picked up a customer’s baby without permission and walked off with her, the customer was beside herself thinking she’d been kidnapped. Co-worker didn’t think she had done anything wrong because she’s also a mother….


Image source: CryptoHam, Anete Lusina

Caught on camera stealing tablets and laptops multiple times.

Caught on camera getting physically violent with a girl.

Threatened violence against two girls half his size when no one else was there. Didn’t deny it when HR got involved. Acted like they were wasting his time by holding a meeting and trying to resolve the situation.

Different people at the same job.


Image source: GrownThenBrewed, RODNAE Productions

He got drunk at the Christmas party, started hitting people’s food and drinks out of their hands, kicked a wet floor sign at the CFO, fell and rolled down a flight of stairs on his way out, then ripped license plates of cars in the car parks and threw them like Frisbees as he left. Never saw him again.


Image source: pirateteaparty, Teguh Sugi

He was stealing Klondie Bars from the company freezer.

One of the managers brought in a hidden camera to catch the thief. We all knew the camera was there so he crawled over to the freezer all ninja style to stay under the camera’s field of vision.

It would have worked, except, when he stood back up he tried to do it all fancy, and fell backward back into the camera’s view.


Carried a bag for his own product line, complementary more than competitive to ours. In sales calls (that we sent him on) would make a pitch for both. Apparently had been doing this for over a year. Was caught when a customer called us for a quote on his product. Gone like sh*t through a goose.

Image source: Rgt6


He would answer a call, put them on hold, fall asleep and when they hung up and the next person in the queue came through, the ring would wake him up.

Image source: KyleeesBoobie


New associate straight out of law school got drunk on the annual summer river cruise, flirted heavily with the managing partner’s husband, leaned in unexpectedly to plant a big ole kiss, fell overboard into the water, had to be fished out.

Image source: biogon


She was responsible in handling a shipment of flu vaccines in which sat outside of a refrigerator for five days and cost the company +$30,000.

Image source: RogerIsRighteous


Image source: gogojack, Antoni Shkraba

Our company was in the process of being sold. This guy who was like the assistant manager had been told by the original company that he would get the manager job when the other guy was promoted to regional manager (I’m simplifying it but that’s the gist).

Anyway, the manager was kind of a d**k, and we didn’t care for him, but this guy was a total douche. If he’d been promoted, it would have been a disaster.

When the time came for us to sign our contracts with the new employer, he went to each and every person in the department and asked us to refuse to sign unless the manager was fired and he was promoted.

He tried to stage a coup.

Nobody agreed with his plan, and one person reported him to the higher-ups. He took the next day off – because it was his birthday – and when he returned to the office HR was waiting for him.

Then he sued for wrongful termination. He lost.


Image source: anagramqueen, Dan Burton

US military. Guy in my squadron was getting a general discharge for bad behavior like missing appointments, mouthing off, refusing to adhere to uniform standards, that sort of thing. (For anyone not military, anything other than an honorable discharge means you don’t qualify for veteran’s benefits and there’s a little mark on your background check.) Still, a general discharge isn’t the end of the world and was the best possible option for this guy. So all his paperwork was signed, bags were packed, and our first sergeant was escorting him to the airport to fly home. You know what he did at the airport? Punched the first sergeant in the face. So instead of flying home with a slap on the wrist, guess who got shipped off to military prison to await a court martial. Moron.


Image source: Dylsnick, Pavel Danilyuk

Dude would drive to the site, park his work van, then have his GF pick him up and take off for 8 hours, come back and pick up the van, thereby cleverly fooling the GPS tracker in the vehicle…

But not the camera pointing directly at the spot where he parked, got picked up, and dropped off. Cost the company a substantial contract. And himself a job.


Image source: FortGeek, Kindel Media

My boss hired a new guy to help out on the closing shift (2p-11p) at a convenience store.

He started pissing people off right away; wouldn’t stock any of the booze in the cooler because “his religion” forbade so much as touching it. Played fundie-a*s music in the store even after being told not to. Intimidated the manager.

He wasn’t there a full week. One afternoon, the assistant manager was at the counter and Dale was in the office. A Sheriff’s Deputy came in, looked around, asked of Dale [so & so] was working that day. Ken nodded and pointed toward the office door. “He’s back there.”

Deputy thanks him and goes back out. Comes back with a second deputy and they head for that door. Didn’t take long. They came back out with Dale in cuffs.

Turns out our squeaky-clean preacher boy had warrants out for cocaine possession and for beating the living c**p out of his wife.

A few days after the arrest, the results of the company’s background check finally came in and he was fired.

Here endeth the lesson.


Image source: weedful_things, Adi Goldstein

He had this job for several years. Nobody really liked him. Maybe because he told them he had the highest IQ of any of them. (he also worked the lowest labor grade job). I never talked to him much, but around the pandemic, I mentioned about the shortages. He started telling me he was ready for everything to crash with a bunch of silver coins and some gold. I was okay with our conversation until he started with white supremacy s**t. A few days later, a new guy he was training asked the boss to put him with someone else. He was Hispanic and the dude had started telling my that white people were superior because they were more intelligent. He got called in to speak with HR and he told the (black) HR manager the same thing. That’s how he got fired.

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