“Flight Of The Floof”: 6 Wonderful Oil Paintings By Luke Dangler

Published 1 year ago

In a time when AI-generated artworks are slowly clasping the market, Luke Dangler is an artist who believes in creating handmade paintings. Recently, one of his oil painting series named “Flight of the floor” has been gaining a lot of attention as it shows a cat exploring the cosmos.

In an interview with DeMilked, the artist revealed, “I started working on this project in late 2021, so in total it took a little more than a year to complete all 6 oil paintings. I had never created a series before so it was an experiment for me. The great thing about painting a series is that it enabled me to tell a bit of an extended story and provide more context for each painting than I otherwise could have.”

If you wish to see and know more about Luke’s paintings, then you can watch him paint live on twitch. The artist welcomes you to hang out there and get a sneak peek of his latest project.

Also, check out his amazing “Flight of the floof” series in the gallery below.

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#1 Mission Ctrl

Image source: Luke Dangler

Luke further elaborated, “This series was inspired by cats, of course, and more specifically their unique ability to be ridiculous. I thought it would be fun to imagine how a cat might actually behave if thrown into an outrageous environment such as outer space.”

#2 Liftoff

Image source: Luke Dangler

Talking about his creative process, the artist said, “I really enjoy working out the composition and details of a painting, and it’s exciting to see everything finally come together on the canvas. It’s especially rewarding to share my work and experience people’s reactions.”

#3 Orbit

Image source: Luke Dangler

#4 Intruder

Image source: Luke Dangler

#5 Voyage

Image source: Luke Dangler

#6 Destination

Image source: Luke Dangler

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