10 Beautiful Floral Patterns Created With Rolled And Dyed Book Pages, By Cara Barer

Published 2 years ago

Cara Barer is an artist, photographer, and book addict who loves to transform books into art by sculpting, dyeing, and folding their pages. In an interview with DeMilked, the artist revealed that she has been using books and other print materials for over 20 years.

Talking about her inspiration, Barer said, “I was inspired by a crumpled, wet, and weathered Houston Yellow pages that I found on the sidewalk outside my studio. I photographed it. After looking at the images, I wanted to photograph it again. I went back the next day to retrieve it from the sidewalk. It was gone. This changed everything in my artistic practice.”

“I realized I wanted to recreate that book. I started making similar images and discovered that I liked creating what I photograph, rather than taking pictures of things that already exist,” she added.

Check out some of her stunning works in the gallery below.

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Image Source: Cara Barer

The artist also shared her creative process – “The process for creating my images is a mixed media approach. I consider myself an artist that uses photography. I look for used books in many places – used book stores, garage sales, library sales (withdrawn books) and friends give me old books they no longer want. I then shape them with water, clamps, paperclips and other tools. I wait for it to dry, and then proceed to photograph them, or I take one more step, and dye them, or paint on them.  The process is a meditative one for me.  I often work in silence. I feel satisfied at the end of a day of work, rather than tired.”


Image Source: Cara Barer


Image Source: Cara Barer


Image Source: Cara Barer


Image Source: Cara Barer


Image Source: Cara Barer


Image Source: Cara Barer


Image Source: Cara Barer


Image Source: Cara Barer


Image Source: Cara Barer

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