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“More Sky” Windows Transform Into Balconies To Give Small Apartments Sky View

Published 8 years ago

It’s a hard life when your apartment is a tiny, balcony-deprived box. But the “More Sky” window can help you! This idea from Aldana Ferrer Garcia is about windows that would extrude outwards. This would create a tiny balcony, letting you take a nap under the sun, stare at the streets or whatever do artistic endeavor you can cram in there. .

Aldana Ferrer Garcia is an Argentinian architect. She presented “More Sky” during the Dubai Design Week. Built to respond to “current needs in densely populated cities”, this window “provides visual relief, access to sunlight and fresh air for small apartments.” It comes in several shapes, each providing its own unique if a little vertigo-inducing experience.

More info: (h/t: designboom)

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Image credits: Aldana Ferrer Garcia


Image credits: designboom



Image credits: Aldana Ferrer Garcia

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