35 Funniest Food-Related Memes That Might Give You Stomach-Churning Laughter

Published 8 months ago

In the ever-evolving world of social media, laughter often comes in the form of memes. And when it comes to humor, there’s no denying that the internet serves up some pretty peculiar, even jaw-dropping, content. Enter “Boys Who Can Cook,” a Facebook page known for its culinary prowess, where some of the funniest and weirdest food memes have found their home. While the world enjoys the page’s delectable recipes, it’s the food memes that truly take the cake.

So, pull up a chair, but make sure you’re not in the middle of your meal because we’re about to take a delightful journey through some funny and weird food memes.

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Image source: dewwicc

PeeledPotato : “I have a jar i cant open and i gym down the road should i try this too ;)”

John L : “You can use a spoon to break the seal. Just put the business end of a spoon, face up, under the lip and pry down, until you get a pop.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Brenda : “Nope! Must be cut on the diagonal!”

Headless Horseman : “It’s beautifully toasted”

serialdxsignationn.zip : “the cutting is on point!”


Image source: boysthatcancook

WindySwede : “Chocoodles!”

Dani : “Oh no 😨 I put chocolate in my chili and sometimes bolognese depending what it needs, but one square small square not a bar sized square 😬”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Madre_Dr4gnZFly : “Peppermint Mentos gum or peppermint Ice Breakers gum with Diet Mt Dew. Freeze your mouth & wake you up at the same time.”

Scott Rackley : “Nah, brush teeth then orange juice if you want to feel alive. Angry, but alive.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Amanda Rose : “Sauron will be looking for that.”

Upstaged75 : “Did you cook it on the surface of the sun?”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Dawn Chan : “Yes, when we have the fullfilling of our stomachs!”

María Hermida : “Lunch at 11.35? That would be time for a second breakfast here in Spain.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

mYst17 17 : “I see ball, I see hoop, I shoot”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Roger9er : “What if we’re all just some chicken nuggets on an alien’s baking plate?”

GlixDrap : “Admit it, you ate New Zealand.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

A Wild Bean (they/them/any) : “How do people have this much confidence? I’m scared that Subway employees will judge me if I pick the wrong kind of sauce (edit: thanks lol, I know they won’t actually judge me for substituting sauces, I just have ✨social anxiety✨)”

WindySwede : “They don’t care, as long as you pay them?”


Image source: boysthatcancook

SheamusFanFrom1987 : “Kinda cute though. Would definitely thank gf for it XD”

Shayne Randlett : “That’s ridiculously dangerous. Not one of them is wearing a seatbelt…”

Ian Webling : “She’s a keeper.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Roger9er : “Both probably have the exact same recipe.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

~MushroomFrog~ : “Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom”


Image source: boysthatcancook

CoMa4 : “Those look like wood chips 🪵”


Image source: boysthatcancook

CoMa4 : “The sacred sewing kit in every Grandma’s house. 👵🏼🧵🪡”

David : “We also had a button tin. Full of various buttons from sewing projects, worn out clothes, those extras that sometimes come with a garment and so on. It was fun to look at because it had been around the house at least since the 50s and I think 40s and some of the buttons were pretty cool looking.”

Brenda : “I keep all the tins from my dad’s cookies. Great for storing small crafting supplies!”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Elsker : “Yukkkkk lol:)”

Blue Mar : “I have seen this pic so many times that I’m starting to believe it.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Brenda : “My adult kids eat these as snacks. I used to save & wash the containers to reuse”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Shetland Tony : “If they’re paying, who cares how they have it!”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Harry Stan : “I’ve had nightmares about him”

Barbara Kelly : “Bread does not look toasted. And..THOSE EYES!!!!”


Image source: boysthatcancook

CoMa4 1: “It’s cut it the wrong way. Always triangles 🤣”

censorshipsucks : “how chefs describe pb&j”


Image source: boysthatcancook

ShyWahine : “Toe eat, or not toe eat – that is the question…. so sorry, I’ll just walk away now”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “It would make a great Halloween dinner, at least.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Jules : “That’s about right…🫤”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Brenda : “Great idea for snaking at the pool, park, etc when you have kids!”

I agree with you but… : “Brilliant, but am disappointed by the lack of space for pickles”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Roger9er : “I find pre-boiled and freeze-dried water a lot more convenient. Takes up much less space!”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Brenda : “I prefer my steak not moo or move around the plate”


Image source: boysthatcancook

WindySwede : “Some poor fellow will belive this though?…”

MaximumKarmaSaint : “I don’t care what anybody says, black olives and olives of most types are delicious. I don’t understand the people who seem to just have a vendetta against olives.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Ronaldo Lim : “Spaghetti art….”

Nonna_SoF : “But did you come up with some wanky comment about what it represents? Because otherwise it’s not art.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Dawn Chan : “Why do grandmas always want you to eat something at their house? No offense, grandmas”

Tee Rat : “One of my friend’s Grandma would just tell me I’m hungry and have a seat. It really helped that she was an amazing cook and always baked her own bread.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Multa Nocte : “Oooh, I need those!”

ShyWahine : “Nope – getting your fingers all orangey is part of the experience when snacking on Cheetos…”


Image source: boysthatcancook

CoMa4 : “I’m pretty sure he’s a thief.”

Alex Davis : “That’s the left over? What did he eat? One spoonful!?”


Image source: boysthatcancook

SheamusFanFrom1987: “Sorry for the supermarket, but thank you Jeff.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

Roger9er : “The middle and top one does have an attitude”

LillieMean : “The one where the ink is badly printed is hilarious, Try, mf. That’s what you get when you repeatedly call Thomas plain.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

CoMa4 : “Now that’s what I call customer service!”

ShyWahine : “Pretty impressive – those employees go above and beyond…”


Image source: boysthatcancook

irissii (she/them) : “the forbidden steak”


Image source: boysthatcancook

CoMa4 : “The get you out of bed starter pack”

Beth H : “Any time I cook onions, celery, carrots in butter it smells like thanksgiving morning as a kid. I love it.”

Tee Rat : “My apartment building is behind a Chinese restaurant and they tease the neighborhood daily with onions and garlic.”


Image source: boysthatcancook

minnieslave0 : “Heroes in a taco shell….”

HelluvaHedgehogAlien : “Candy nuggets I could get over. But why cotton chicken?”

serialdxsignationn.zip : “lmaoo, please send help for me also, i laughed way too hard at this”

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