20 Times People Ordered Something In A Foreign Country That Made The Staff Confused

Published 2 years ago

Traveling to other countries takes more preparation beyond finances and visas. Before you travel to other countries, you also have to prepare yourself. You wouldn’t want to go to a restaurant in France and place your order in English, only to be met with, “Désolé, on ne parle pas anglais.” You also have to learn the culture of the place you’re visiting so that you won’t accidentally offend people when you’re there.

In a Twitter thread by Andy Haynes (@imandyhaynes), she recalled how she was turned down by a server in Paris after ordering oat milk. So she asked some more Twitter users about their funny experiences with people working in restaurants from other countries. Below, you’ll find 20 of the most hilarious encounters by confused foreigners in other countries! You might pick up a thing or two from this list if you’re planning to visit some of these countries.

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